Global warming slowing over past 10 years

So global warming advocates are saying that global warming can be slowed or reduced by pollution?

The rate at which global temperatures are rising has slowed in the past decade, scientists said today.
In a report published today, the Met Office said the slow in the rate of warming was down to a combination of natural variation in the weather and pollution.
Scientists say one of the major factors is the rise in heavy industry and pollutant 'aerosols', particularly in Asia.
An upsurge in industrial emissions such as sulphur which are being pumped into the atmosphere reflects sunlight and could lead to a cooling effect. . . .

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Blogger TooMuchTime said...

Maybe it's because, right now, we are just between ice ages. In the next few hundred years, it is going to get much colder, no matter what we do.

11/29/2010 1:42 PM  

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