The Republican Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor of TN is a real firebrand on gun issues

After saying that he would support a Vermont/Alaska/MT/Arizona style concealed handgun law, it has now spoken out on guns in the work place. Given the difficulties over OSHA rules forcing employers to ban guns and private property rights of the employers, this is not an easy problem to answer.

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. - Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Haslam said he misunderstood a question Monday and didn't mean to say employers should be able to prohibit firearms in company parking lots.

Gun advocates and business interests have been divided over repealing a state law that lets business owners forbid employees from keeping handguns in their cars while they work.

The Knoxville mayor, who's been refining his guns rights stand, was asked about the issue by reporters after a campaign event at a Springfield restaurant. He initially responded: "Employers should have the decision about what happens on their property."

Haslam later told The Associated Press he didn't hear the part of the question about parking lots and thought it was about workers carrying guns inside their place of employment. He said it's still his position that permit holders should have the right to store their guns in their cars at work, regardless of their employers' wishes.

"In their buildings is a whole different world than in their parking lot," said Haslam.

Haslam has been defending himself against criticism after he told the Tennessee Firearms Association last week that he would sign a law that repeals the state's handgun permit system, though it's his personal preference to keep the law as it stands now. . . .

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