Greta van Susteren nails Gloria Allred

Greta nails Allred, making Allred look like a political opportunist. A copy of the interview is available here.

van Susteren: Gloria, I got to get -- you know I like you, Gloria, but I think this is absolutely unthinkable! Let me tell you what you've done. Three things. One, you're getting your client deported by putting a big neon sign, Hey, I'm here illegally, I signed documents falsely, and I've done that under penalty of perjury, saying that I was -- that this is my Social Security number. That's the first thing.

The second thing is, is I think your inferences from this document, this Social Security document -- I think you got it all wrong. I actually think it helps Meg Whitman and her husband because I think that's the more reasonable inference and you'd get barbecued if you took it to court. And finally, on the eve of an election, to raise something like this, which has the possibility of smearing unfairly, calling someone a liar and subverting the electoral process.

So all three things -- and you know I like you, but I think all three things are rotten. So go ahead. Respond. . . .

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Blogger TooMuchTime said...

I thought an attorney was supposed to act in the best interest of her client? This would be like Perry Mason marching his client down to Hamilton Burger's office and telling him to confess.

You can see this is completely politically motivated; this has nothing to do with immigration.

Besides, the Whitman's had corraborating evidence that the maid was here legally. So, they gave her the document that questioned her immigration status and told her to fix it. Which is what they should have done! Because if she was here legally, then the Whitman's would be responsible for sending all her Social Security payments to the wrong number. When the maid blew it off, there was very little the Whitman's could do.

10/05/2010 3:52 PM  

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