Is Obama administration blocking import of surplus rifles?

From the Examiner.com:

"The U.S. government opposed South Korea’s bid to sell hundreds of thousands of aging U.S. combat rifles to American gun collectors," Jung Sung-ki of The Korea Times reports.

"The ministry announced the plan last September as part of efforts to boost its defense budget, saying the export of the M1 Garand and carbine rifles would start by the end of 2009."

So why didn't they?

"The U.S. administration put the brakes on the plan, citing “problems” that could be caused by the importation of the rifles."

Problems? What problems?

"The problems the U.S. government cited were somewhat ambiguous, said an official at the Ministry of National Defense on condition of anonymity."

Oh, in other words, made up problems. The administration came up with baseless excuses about aging rifles that "could cause problems such as firearm accidents." . . .

The original article is here.



Blogger OldSouth said...

Problems, indeed. But for whom?

8/17/2010 2:54 PM  
Blogger Brad_in_IL said...

Is there anything Orest Michales of the CMP can do about this?

8/18/2010 7:22 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

"could cause problems such as firearm accidents."

Firearm = accident? By the same reasoning, people shouldn't be allowed to buy cars, kitchen knives, table saws, etc. Their thinking seems to have a patronizing denial of the right to keep and bear arms built into it, though in light of the McDonald decision, they cannot openly deny the right. Obama administration = sneaky weasels who can't be trusted!

8/18/2010 9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Accidents? What about teaching gun safety and riflry to civilians through the Civilian Marksmanship Program? What about training civilians in marksmanship during a time of war as a matter of national defense planning? The last couple of wars revealed that boots on the ground is still essential and that a- soldiers' survivability is enhanced by skill with a rifle.

8/18/2010 4:28 PM  

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