CBS News from a couple of years ago on the Anchor Baby "Problem"

The inability for the illegal Mexican woman to understand why Americans might not like paying for her medical care and the treatment for her child and giving her child citizenship so that it is easier for her entire family to become US citizens is baffling. There seems to be not a shred of concern that what she was doing was wrong. She thanks God but she doesn't believe that she should be thankful for the Americans who are paying their benefits.



Blogger Harry Schell said...

The woman expects the gringo to support her. This is a feature of "education" in Mexico. All their problems arise with the gringo, who shouldn't be here. Hence the signs in AZ recently, urging the gringo to go back to Europe, and vacate the lands they took from the Mexicans.

Of course, I haven't heard any of the Mexicans offer to turn lands back to Apache or Hopi or other tribes they took it from. That when the gringo leaves, the intellectual and financial capital that makes things here so attractive will leave also does not seem to penetrate the minds of those urging La Reconquista, either.

If La Reconquista succeeds, the marchers in the streets will find their lot in life the same as it was before they jumped the fence. Monopolists like Carlos Slim will own them just as he did in Mexico. Their brothers in the poltical class will sell them out just as quickly and completely.

And why not? What do these people bring to the table? Intellect? Desire to work, assimilate and improve? Financial capital?

Some surely do, but this woman is the penultimate consumer. She can do almost nothing but consume, and therefore is a dependent, vote sold to whoever keeps the tap open or makes more consumption for her possible.

Payback to the people who pay for her consumption? Her disgust and financial hardship for those paying the tab. Until they do leave.

8/08/2010 9:54 PM  
Blogger TooMuchTime said...

First off, we need to dispense with the erroneous belief that a baby born of illegal aliens is a citizen. Nothing could be further from the truth. Please read the following article from the Hillsdale College newletter Imprimus. If the parent(s) are illegal aliens, then so are their children born in this country.

This is one of those lies that has been told so often, people think it's the truth.

8/08/2010 10:26 PM  
Blogger Raven Lunatic said...

TooMuchTime, you should use that time to read. The (14th amendment to the) constitution clearly states that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." You have two options, under that: either they are citizens, or they are not subject to our jurisdiction.

Either they have the right to stay here as US Citizens, or we have no jurisdiction over them, and cannot force them to leave. Either way, by the 14th amendment, people born here get to stay.

8/09/2010 1:30 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Sorry, Raven, but the key phrase here is: "subject to the jurisdiction thereof." This type of phrase has a long legal history implying that the person must be here legally for these rules to apply. The problem is if the parents aren't here legally so that they are "subject to the jurisdiction thereof," there child can't qualify.

8/09/2010 2:21 PM  
Blogger TooMuchTime said...

Raven Lunatic, you should take the time to read the Imprimus newsletter I linked.

The author of the 14th amendment specifically stated that children born of illegal aliens are not citizens. The SCOTUS said in the case Steward vs. Kahn, 78 US 504, that "The intent of the legislators constitutes the law."

This means that the 14th amendment does not grant citizenship to children of illegal aliens.

Why are these facts so difficult to understand?

8/10/2010 3:07 PM  

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