"Meet the Press" on the Economy and the Bush Tax Cut

NBC has a copy of the video here.

Here is the key:

-- David Brooks doesn't seem to understand that the question isn't whether the government has created "some" jobs. The question is whether it has created a net increase in jobs. Moving money from where you and I would have spent it moves jobs from where the companies that would have gotten our money to the companies or government agencies that the government favors. The churning created by moving these jobs increases unemployment because people don't instantly move from one job to another.
-- EJ Dionne doesn't seem to understand that the people he is going after have already paid high income taxes when they originally earned the money. The question is whether this income should be taxed twice.
-- Anita Dunn, who the former Obama White House Communications Director, just did political talking points.
-- I have no problem with Rick Santelli's points, though if it had been possible, I would have briefly made the above point that I made in responding to Brooks.

This is hardly a balanced panel. Rick Santelli made a conservative argument. David Brooks is a liberal Republican who likes Obama. EJ Dionne, Anita Dunn, the guy who commented on Congressman Rangel are all liberal Democrats.

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