Some increase in concealed handgun permits in California

I guess that even budget problems do have a bright side.

With budget cuts depleting local police and sheriffs departments, concealed weapons permit applications have bumped up slightly.

"We are seeing an increase in students asking for concealed weapons classes," said Terry Wingert, firearms instructor with Advanced Security Institute in Rancho Cordova. "It hasn't been a huge increase, but the concern over personal safety is driving a bump in business."

Success in acquiring a concealed weapons permit in California varies greatly from county to county. California is a "may issue" state, which gives sheriffs in each county much more discretion over who is approved for a permit. . . .

In general, rural California counties tend to approve more permits, such as Butte's 1,700; while urban counties are more reluctant to issue permits, like the six allowed in San Francisco. . . .

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