Concealed carry holder fatally shoots robber

A license permit holder may have saved some lives.

Alleged robber killed in shooting near downtown
Posted: Apr 18, 2010 7:30 PM
Updated: Apr 19, 2010 4:44 PM
Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - An Indianapolis man who shot and killed a robber expects to get cleared and not go to jail. He told police the robber had a gun too and he feared for his life and managed to shoot first.

According to detectives, Bryan Blevins, 24, shot and killed Christopher Hampton Sunday afternoon. Blevins says Hampton approached Blevins pretending to need change. Once inside the apartment, Hampton allegedly held Blevins and a friend at gunpoint. Blevins told police that's when he fired his weapon.

It happened as Blevins helped a friend move into a downtown Pennsylvania Avenue apartment building.

"He told me he needed money to get some more drugs. He told me about 15th and Pennsylvania and today he is dead," said Thomas Hutchison, Hampton's brother-in-law.

Police found Hampton dead in the hallway. He wore an ankle court-ordered monitoring device.

"Detectives talked to all three individuals and they all stated the same thing - that there was a handgun," said Sgt. Matt Mount, IMPD.

Officers confiscated a silver Smith and Wesson handgun and a silver Jennings Bryco .38.

Blevins, a licensed gun carrier, told police he feared for their lives.

Hampton's family not only knew about his drug problem, saying he went to 15th and Penn to get drugs, but they also knew about his domestic problems and why he was wearing the GPS tracking device.

"That was because he and his wife had some issues. She had a restraining order on him but they still communicated with each other," said Hutchison.

In another deadly suspect shooting last week, prosecutors charged James Ingram for shooting a 17-year-old suspected of burglarizing his car. . . .

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