Can teachers read? This one sure can't

I wonder whether teachers can read (or at least comprehend what they say they have read) after seeing something like this.

The plan would base teacher pay raises primarily on student learning gains on standardized tests, such as the FCAT, and eliminate tenure job protections for teachers hired after July. . . .

Helping sway Crist on the tenure bill: teachers like Marie Angel Welsh, who teaches at Nova Middle School in Broward and was among dozens of teachers to testify against the tenure bill in Tallahassee this week. She told legislators she's taught at high-scoring and low-scoring schools, and teachers were "no less talented" at the latter. . . .

The point of the bill isn't to pay teachers based on the level of student test scores, but on the change in test scores.

It is another question whether teacher salaries should be based on how good of a job they do as opposed to how many years that they have taught, but personally I find it hard to believe that you really want to pay any worker based on years at the job and the number of training classes on takes. The fact that Charlie Crist is vacillating on signing this bill probably tells most people all they need to know about Crist in his primary race against Marco Rubio.



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