Radio interviews today

I will be on the Mark Levin Show at 7:30 PM EST for about 12 minutes this evening.

Sandy Rios Radio Show at 4:20 PM EST.

Al Kresta Show 4:40pm Eastern to discuss the Chicago case

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Blogger BATexan said...

Thank you for sharing your observations about Obama on Mark Levin's show tonight. I've heard interviews by others who met him while he was a part time lecturer at The University of Chicago. They relate similar stories of his intolerance for opposing philosophies and beliefs. In short, he is an all too typical close minded leftist. The process by which this shallow and totally unqualified radical was able to hoodwink enough Americans to become POTUS, should provide ripe academic discussion for many years to come. Perhaps, we will someday have an honest appraisal by the state run media as well.

3/03/2010 9:13 PM  

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