Is it really that difficult for Democrats to believe that Republicans really think that the Dem Health Care bill will make things worse? No

Joe Klein at Time magazine claims:

But the obvious truth here is that the Republicans do not want any sort of health care bill to pass at all because they do not want to hand President Obama a victory. Shame on them.

Is it really that hard to believe that the current problems are due to government regulation and that even more government regulations will make things even worse? I would hope not. To be honest, I think that even the threats of regulation harm health care, reducing the expected returns to it and the investments that would have been made. If you want a list of some of the problems that I have with the Democrat health care claims see this.

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Blogger Angela said...

Klein is ignoring the other side of that assertion. The Democrats don't actually like this bill either. It's nothing but a handout to corporate America, but they're determined to pass it anyway, for the single purpose of to saving Obama's reputation.

2/28/2010 11:41 AM  
Blogger Paul_In_Houston said...

Mr. Klein is ignoring the fact that if the Democrats pass this bill, without a single Republican vote, they wont have to share credit; it will belong to them 100%.

Give our side points for generosity. :-)


3/01/2010 1:17 PM  

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