Democrats' Seminar Callers

Well, it looks like the Democrats are publicly admitting something that radio hosts have seen happen for a while. From the Politico:

The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America has quietly launched an initiative aimed at making Obama supporters' voices heard on the largely conservative airwaves.

"The fate of health reform has been a focus of debate in living rooms and offices, on TV and online — and on talk radio. And since millions of folks turn to talk radio as a trusted source of news and opinions, we need to make sure OFA supporters are calling in with a pro-reform message," says the introduction to the online tool.

The online tool presents users with a radio show discussing political topics, to which supporters can listen live, and the phone number for that station, for when health care comes up. It also offers tips for callers and talking points on the issue.

My quick sampling produced Christian radio, a local talk station in Buffalo, and the syndicated talk shows of Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Sean Hannity — who will no doubt be thrilled with their new, liberal callers.

Supporters are then encouraged to report back on their encounters. . . . .

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Blogger Angie said...

Yes, I predict they'll be in a full court press over the weekend, then Monday they'll start releasing polls proving that the public suddenly supports this bill, then they'll cram it through reconciliation before the conservatives can begin to react.

2/25/2010 9:13 PM  
Blogger Mike Gallo said...

Locally we have Mark Belling (who fills in for Rush from time to time), and he would just call these new callers "fodder." Idiots calling into these stations and spouting nonsense will only hurt them. Critical Theory only works if you structure the debate, which the talk show hosts do in this case.

2/26/2010 9:34 AM  

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