Remarkable emails from Palin's staff

One of they myriad ethics complaints against Palin (the Political calls this one "quite thin"), allows a glimpse at what Palin's staff knew about here views on social issues. Surprisingly to some, despite being quite religious, Palin did not wear her religious views on her sleeve.

I finally got a chance to scan the 200-plus pages of email posted last night as part of a (quite thin) ethics complaint against Palin's staff, all of them emails among her government aides connected to the 2008 presidential campaign.

They're without a huge revelation, but do offer a glimpse at two things: How off-guard and outmatched her operation was by the sudden national scrutiny; and how little familiar they were with the views on social issues that were prominent on the campaign trail.

As I mentioned yesterday, Palin's press secretary was fuzzy on her position on her position on abortion. Another email demonstrates how little part of her public identity was her religion:

"What religion is the gov? Luthern, protestant, catholic, etc?" Palin's chief of staff, Mike Nizich, wrote another aide. . . .



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