Piece that my son Roger helped write up at the Washington Times

My son Roger is working as an intern at the Washington Times. He helped write up this piece entitled: The war on Christmas escalates.

He also has a book review here: A (flawed) case against contractors.

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Blogger ICONIC FREEDOM said...

I like the article, although some assumptions are made which are not necessarily factual, that flies in the face of this blog.

We don't know the motivations of the teachers in question.

We don't know for a fact if people involved are "hostile" to religion.

We do know that there is much confusion in society, propagated sadly by the religious, that religion is "meant to be in our schools, on government property..."etc.

Clearly, the girl reading her bible has little impact with the exception that perhaps the teacher lacked knowledge of appropriate reading material, which may have included no religious text. Would you be okay if a boy came in and was reading from the Koran, knowing the indoctrination component?

The child in question regarding the cross, it was later reported, the father didn't show the original picture which concerned teachers in its depiction.

We scream because teachers don't do enough, then we scream when they're overly cautious and want to make ourselves out to be victims.

Does it matter he drew a picture of someone(himself) on a cross? Again, what if it was himself strapping a bomb to himself showing himself blowing people up? That's another religion's form of promotion in their doctrine.

Get government out of education and this goes away. Parents can put their children in schools which represent their particular views, religious or not. Until then we need to be cautious about making claims, making accusations, and drawing correlation to conclusion with regard to this issue.

If you look to be offended or victimized, certainly you will find it.

12/25/2009 4:46 PM  

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