Possible defensive gun use in Wauconda, Illinois

These intruders apparently picked the wrong house to invade.

Police Investigate Shootings In Wauconda
Dec 27, 2009 8:20 pm

WAUCONDA, Ill. (Sun-Times Media Wire) ― Emergency crews were responding to an incident that possibly involved three shooting victims Saturday night in north suburban Wauconda.

About 5:47 p.m., authorities responded to a 911 call of shots fired at a residence in the Country Ridge subdivision o f Wauconda.

The Wauconda Police Department released a press release Saturday evening citing two males pushed their way into the residence and would not leave after repeated demands and physical altercations and one of two of the homeowners shot both subjects.

Officers responded to the scene to find both alleged intruders with gunshot injuries in front of the residence. Home residents and the alleged intruders were transported to Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington. Residents were treated and released. The extent of the injuries of the alleged intruders is not known as of Sunday.

Names of the victims and the offenders are not known.

Thanks to Mary Ellen Libraro for the link.

UPDATE: The Chicago Tribune reports that the two men who broke into the home were wearing masks. They also apparently used enough force to break some metal off the door.

A homeowner shot two masked men who pushed their way into a far north suburban Wauconda house early Saturday night, sending both suspects to the hospital, police said. . . .

The shooting happened about 5:47 p.m. Saturday, with the masked men forcing their way into a house in the Country Ridge subdivision, then engaging in "repeated demands and physical altercations," police said. They refused to leave, police said, and one of the homeowners shot them. . . .

The Chicago Sun-Times describes the event somewhat differently and claims that the people who broke into the home were at the wrong address and looking for an eleven year old son. This report also notes that the homeowners who had their house broken into had to go to the hospital because of the attack by those who broke into the house.

Police on Monday said the incident appears to have stemmed from a mistaken address.

“They were looking to pick up a family member and for an unknown reason, they went to the wrong house,” Wauconda Police Cmdr. John Thibault said.

“They knocked on the door and when someone opened the door, they didn’t know who they were,” Thibault said. “ They didn’t belive that was the case, thought something was wrong and forced entry into the residence.”

The residents of the home were also taken to Good Shepherd, where they were treated and released. Investigation indicates this incident is not gang- or drug-related, according to officials.



Blogger John In WNC said...

As a Concealed Weapons permit holder in North Carolina I always worry a little when these type stories come out. It is impossible, from the news report, to determine what exactly took place and it may well be used by opponents of the 2nd ammendment.
Was there drinking? How long were they in the home? What is the relationship? Family feud, Bad drug deal, money owned, fight over women??
Laws vary wildly from state to state, but mine takes a dim view of the use of deadly force except under very exacting situations, ie the immediate fear of serious bodily harm or death. Arguing and fist fights don't count.
I want to encourage all gun owners to get training in their state, preferably from law enforcement officers, in the use and application of guns and deadly force laws.
We have a great constitutional right to bear arms in self defense, as well as a great responsibility to do so wisely, effectively and judiciously.
Get trained, get your permit (where allowed or required) and carry your weapon. The #1 crime stopper.

12/28/2009 6:49 AM  
Blogger Rosita Cruz said...

OK - I live in this town. Father and son went to house to look for their 11-yr. old son/brother who they thought was being held against their will. They knocked on the front door and when the owner opened, they forced their way in. Fighting, etc., then husband got his gun and shot them. Turned out the 11-year old was fine and at another home. Guess they just had the wrong address...

12/28/2009 1:17 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Rosita Cruz:

Thanks for the post. It could be that these two people went to the wrong house, but if these two guys were just looking for an eleven year old, why does the Chicago Tribune report that they wearing masks when they broke in? Why did they have to break in a metal door? Why was there an apparent altercation inside the house? If you were picking up your eleven year old son at a house, presumably you wouldn't behave that way.

12/28/2009 5:46 PM  
Blogger John In WNC said...

The post and previous comments demonstrate my point.
Accusations and counter accusations, conflicting reports and rumors leading to court time, law suits, a judge, jury and lawyers...as the Deputy Sheriff who conducted our training stated,"If you use a gun the bad news is you'll have a whole new raft of problems to deal with, the good news is you'll be alive to deal with them!"
Here in North CArolina we have a form of 'Castle Doctrine' that basically states that if someone is trying to forcefully enter you home against your will, you may ligitimately state that you fear 'great bodily harm or death' and so may use deadly force to protect yourself.
No doors getting kicked in in my neighborhood. Of course there are as many firearms as households in the county.
I fully support citizen's right to carry-the 2nd ammendment-but be slow to draw, quick to fire and shoot to kill.
You too can have a peaceful home and neighborhood!

12/28/2009 6:42 PM  

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