"Freshman Dem: Passing health care reform worth losing my seat"

The government takeover of the health care system could be hard to stop. From CNN:

A freshman Democratic senator said Sunday that he will support his party’s efforts to pass health care reform legislation even if that means losing his seat in next year’s midterm elections.

“If you get to the final point and you are a critical vote for health care reform and every piece of evidence tells you if you support the bill you will lose your job, would you cast the vote and lose your job?” CNN’s John King asked Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado on Sunday’s State of the Union.

“Yes,” Bennet bluntly and simply replied. . . .



Blogger The Right Guy said...

It's a kamikaze move as they know it will never be repealed and to them it's worth it if their agenda wins the day. It's perfect Ai-uchi in a sense.

11/22/2009 2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not even kamikaze--I read somewhere that actually some Congressmen have been promised a government job in the new health care monster in case they loose their seats due to their vote in favor. Classic third world stuff.

With no constitutional limits, with socialist majorities and with a Marxist president, this horrible bill is almost bound to become law.

11/23/2009 6:44 AM  
Blogger be603 said...

Not a kamikaze move if you've got assurances of good deal to follow somewhere in the Administration by appointment or with a firm as a lobbyist.

11/23/2009 11:04 PM  

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