The Obama administration's reaction (or non-reaction) to the Climate-gate scandal

It was clear that the climate tax legislation was already in danger. The debate in the Senate had already been pushed off to the coming spring, putting it well into an election year and making it difficult for something to pass.

It took CNN six days to mention Climategate, only to minimize it. As of yesterday, ABC, CBS, and NBC have yet to mention Climate-gate in their broadcasts. The Climate-gate scandal apparently hasn't had a big impact on the Obama administration. Obama announced after the scandal broke that he was going to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen due (given the conflict with the Nobel award ceremony in Oslo, it was assumed that he wasn't going to go). Carol Browner amazingly claims that there is nothing that she has seen in the emails and other documents that concerns her:

Obama administration climate czar Carol Browner on Wednesday rejected claims that e-mails stolen from a British university show climate scientists trumped up global warming numbers, saying she considers the science settled.

"I'm sticking with the 2,500 scientists. These people have been studying this issue for a very long time and agree this problem is real," said Ms. Browner, who President Obama has tapped as his chief of policy on global warming. . . .

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Blogger Clark Kent said...

Are we surprised? Once again the view from Olympus protects the viewer from seeing and hearing what he chooses to ignore, blocking him also from knowing that he does so at his peril.

Next year's congressional elections should sharpen the senses a tad.

11/27/2009 10:08 AM  

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