Obama administration to Democrats: stay with us on Health Care or no Administration access

Here again is the risk of giving too much power to government. People are afraid of publicly disagreeing or they risk losing the ability to influence other government policies.

McEntee’s posture – and the fierce response from a White House determined to keep allies in line – reflects a broader dilemma on the left of the Democratic Party, which is feeling both lingering satisfaction at Obama’s victory and frustration at his caution.

From labor to civil libertarians to anti-war activists, progressive organizers have had to choose between biting their tongues and losing the access and power that comes with friends in the White House. McEntee is among the most prominent leaders who has been willing to challenge the administration.

Despite his investment – and AFSCME’s – in health care reform, he has been willing to risk his relationships and his influence with powerful Democratic leaders in the White House and the Senate for a bill he can more fully embrace. . . .

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