A real problem with Obama's "Safe School Czar"

"At the president's pleasure: 'Safe school czar' encouraged child sex with an older man"

A teacher was told by a 15-year-old high school sophomore that he was having homosexual sex with an "older man." At the very least, statutory rape occurred. Fox News reported that the teacher violated a state law requiring that he report the abuse. That former teacher, Kevin Jennings, is President Obama's "safe school czar." It's getting hard to keep track of all of this president's problematic appointments. Clearly, the process for vetting White House employees has broken down.

In this one case in which Mr. Jennings had a real chance to protect a young boy from a sexual predator, he not only failed to do what the law required but actually encouraged the relationship.

According to Mr. Jennings' own description in a new audiotape discovered by Fox News, the 15-year-old boy met the "older man" in a "bus station bathroom" and was taken to the older man's home that night. When some details about the case became public, Mr. Jennings threatened to sue another teacher who called his failure to report the statutory rape "unethical." Mr. Jennings' defenders asserted that there was no evidence that he was aware the student had sex with the older man.

However, the new audiotape contradicts this claim. . . . .

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Blogger Braxton Hicks said...

As I told my son during a certain period of his life, "Just think of what you want to do and do the complete opposite! You would have more success!"
I never thought those same words would be appropriate for the POTUS.

9/28/2009 8:48 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

I wonder if Polanski is on the short list to replace him?

9/28/2009 6:37 PM  

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