New Fox News Op-ed: "Why Are Democrats Pretending They're Fighting Giant Insurance Companies?"

My newest piece up at Fox News starts this way:

Democrats are fighting the greedy medical insurance and pharmaceutical companies to provide Americans health care, right? Surely anyone who listened to President Obama talk last week in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last Tuesday would think that. But while the Democrats are calling these companies evil for wanting to prevent the government takeover of health care, Democrats are working closely with these very same companies to support President Obama's health care plan. In fact, in exchange for favorable treatment in the health care plan, these companies are financing a massive ad campaign to support it. . . .

Please feel free to put up any comments on the Fox News page. Thank you.

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Blogger Bill said...

No tail "wags the dog" quite as well as the Democrat tail.

8/18/2009 1:11 PM  
Blogger Bill Corish said...

Thank you for the thought-provoking article, Mr. Lott. I can't help but wonder what form the "favorable treatment" desired by the insurance companies will take. Particularly after the demonizing they are enduring.

My guess is it will be aimed straight at folks like my wife and I. We are that subset of the hapless uninsured which are just fine and dandy with our "uncovered" existence. We could afford a relatively generous plan. No offense to those who sell or buy insurance, but we look upon any such expenditure as a bet on failure. Also, we believe spending a substantial chunk of our hard-earned money simply to protect our assets smacks of greed.

Alas, I suspect whatever comes out of the political sausage grinder will require us to pay into some kind of "plan". Either we purchase a minimum policy required by law, or we pay a fine. It boils down to nothing but providing workfare for either the insurance companies or the government bureaucracy of an eventual single-payer system (should the public option survive.) That's the goal. Everyone inextricably enmeshed in a brave new "health care system".

I agree that business lobbies should never be counted on to rally to the defense of capitalism. And certainly not free market principles. Indeed, we should expect certain companies and trade groups to join those undermining the free market, from time to time. The atrocious financial bailouts enacted by President Bush and the even more blatant socialism of the current administration has brought the ever-shifting nature of big business' political bedfellows into stark relief. Companies and trade groups endeavor to increase profits, and some will do so whatever the philosophical cost. Why so many in the professional press seem to dismiss this basic fact of human nature is amazing to me. One example that sticks in my mind was a report on National Public Radio marveling about how the looming fluorescent bulb mandate was even supported by the big lighting manufacturers. Never mentioned was the windfall Phillips would garner from at least a decade of ramped-up sales of their relatively pricey fluorescents, to replace burned-out, minimally profitable, incandescent bulbs.


Bill Corish
Linden, Virginia

8/18/2009 9:45 PM  

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