Governor Ed Rendell proposes yet another increase in state income tax

When Democratic Ed Rendell became governor the Pennsylvania income tax was 2.8 percent. It is now 3.07 percent, and he wants to raise it to 3.57 percent. Rendell is arguing for a 28 percent increase in the income tax during his administration, a 16.3 percent increase right now.

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Blogger Harry Schell said...

He wants to emulate Jean Granholm and the CA Legislature in taxing his way out of recession to keep the public employee unions happy and maintain the size of his playpen.

It worked poorly for Granholm, driving still more business and people, with their intellectual and financial capital, out of the state.

It is working poorly here in CA.

Rendell would like to think himself "progressive", I bet, but he isn't. he cannot learn from the errors of the past, even the recent past.

As a country we are regressing under such "leaders". The beneficiaries are the political class and their retinues.

6/17/2009 12:42 PM  

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