Multiple victim killing stopped by citizen with a gun

The story is here.

WINTER HAVEN - A local woman's act of self-defense might have saved her life and the lives of four family members, the Winter Haven Police Department reported.

According to police, a Winter Haven man who threatened early Tuesday to shoot and kill members of his family instead was shot by his wife.

The man, 34-year-old Troy A. Christoff, was treated for multiple gunshot wounds at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, according to a police report. He was charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm and, after being released from the hospital under police custody, was booked without bond into the Polk County Jail in Bartow.

According to the report, Winter Haven police responded around 4 a.m. Tuesday to a reported shooting at 1121 Seventh St., S.W., the home of Troy and Dawn Christoff. When they arrived, police discovered that Troy Christoff had been shot multiple times with a 9mm handgun. The shooter was identified as his wife, 35-year-old Dawn Christoff. . . .

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Blogger Stickman said...

The article doesn't say if the woman was detained or her gun confiscated during the ensuing investigation. Living in California, that would be the probable follow-up. That's one reason to own more than one gun, so the family isn't left defenseless if a perp has associates who return to avenge their friend getting shot.

4/18/2009 3:33 PM  

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