The impact of the bailout on The Masters golf tournament

Rush Limbaugh has this:

RUSH: Augusta National. The Masters is this week. I have lots of friends who go there. I have lots of friends who take tour groups of people there for the week and go out and watch the practice rounds and so forth. A lot of people in the Augusta area, Martinez, they go to vacation for a week and rent their homes. Their home rentals are down. People are afraid to take their jets into Augusta National 'cause they think the media and other spies are gonna be out there trying to find out who flew in during these times and was there a CEO on board. It's just absurd what is happening. You want stimulus. That's the kind of stimulus everybody needs, and that's the kind of stimulus that's being curtailed because of the people engage in that are being intimidated. Their taxes are slated to go up.

These aren't corporate jets being taken down to Augusta, but simply the media attacks on people with private jets.



Blogger Steve said...

Didn't the demonization of the affluent precede the likes of Marx, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro and Hugo Chavez? Isn't Obama using the same tactics to get elected and pass his policies? I've often wandered if a principal difference between liberals and conservatives is a knowledge of Economics? Liberals have misplaced compassion. They seem to think they are helping the poor when, in fact, they are victimizing the poor.

4/12/2009 11:44 PM  

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