This surely makes the UK an attractive place to invest

Just remember, it isn't just Obama who is saying crazy things. It seems that politicians around the world are trying to use bankers as an excuse to do whatever the politicians want to do. These politicians understand so little about economics that it is scary:

Mr Brown also criticised the 'avarice' of the financial sector and claimed bankers had acted outside the values everyday people trying to uphold in their daily lives.

During an interview with Wall Street financiers in New York this morning he suggested traditional principles such as 'hard work, integrity. . . being rewarded for hard work' and avoiding 'irresponsible risks' had not been upheld by bankers. . . . .



Blogger 1 said...

Well though Brown ran his mouth foolishly he didn't impress everyone with his inane rhetoric...

Consider the VERY public tongue lashing delivered by Daniel Hannan to Brown...

Where is America's Daniel Hannan?!?!

Does anyone want to live in a country that has fascist fools like these clowns?

3/25/2009 4:50 PM  

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