NY Times predicts a lot of new gun control laws

The New York Times has this warning on guns:

The gun lobby has long intimidated politicians with its war chest and its trumpeted ability to deliver single-issue voters, especially in tight races. After this year’s election, those politicians should be far less afraid and far more willing to vote for sensible gun-control laws ... We hope the trend continues. To fight crime and keep Americans safe, this country needs sound gun-control laws. To pass those laws as president, Mr. Obama will need strong Congressional support. . . .



Blogger bdickens said...

The anti-gun propaganda blitz has already started. At least two media outlets in Texas have started publishing pieces about how Houston gun dealers are supplying arms to the Mexican drug cartels.

12/03/2008 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a list of "sensible gun control" according to gun-grabbers:
1. Gun registration: Gun registration rarely helps solve crimes given that the vast majority are committed with stolen guns. In the history of mankind gun registration was a gigantic waste, with two important exceptions: A. To help governments confiscate legal firearms. B. To help berserk governments or invaders execute law-abiding gun owners.
2. Semi-automatic rifle ban: a.k.a. "assault weapons ban", this is part of the gun-grabbers’ strategy of slowly laying the 2nd amendment to rest. They know well they cannot do it at once, thus they go slowly: You ban big guns (.50 caliber), cheap guns (“Saturday-nigh specials”), small guns (handguns), sniper guns (bolt-action rifles), "military calibers" (most worth having) and in this case, ugly guns. For a very long time these were the 'civilian version' of many military guns because they only fire semi-auto--despite the CNN videos of people firing machine guns every time the topic of "assault weapons" comes up. This is CNN’s contribution to brainwash the public like the Pravda did in the Soviet Union.
3. Background checks: This is the first step to gun registration. Once the government is between all legal gun transfers, to keep a record of that is easy. If you think this is a conspiracy theory, Janet ButcheReno refused to delete background check records fast enough and the NRA sued her for that. She was essentially assembling a list of gun buyers.
4. Ammunition registration: This is an effort to tie you to the ammo you buy. The cover is to say "it’s to help solve crimes", but in reality it’s an effort to help Big Brother know all about the law-abiding. Criminals will change gun barrels or they will go to a gun range to pick spent ammo and plant it in a crime scene. Next thing you know, the police will be knocking at your door. Such laws would also make ammo more expensive, which is another way of limiting the legal use of firearms. Thus gun-grabbers love such laws.

12/03/2008 1:27 PM  
Blogger cmblake6 said...

They really are so stupid as to believe that gun control will do anything but boost the crime numbers?
Or are they? The criminals will not rise up in revolt against the very government which has made their job so much easier, and "We The People" won't have squat to say about what the government does should they decide to impose against us. *SIGH*

12/04/2008 5:06 PM  

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