Media Matters gets it wrong, again and again:

Media Matters is know for not being very accurate, but I had to comment on two posts that they have today.

NBC's Today program on Coleman-Franken race.

Summary: In a report on NBC's Today about the Minnesota Senate race, Lee Cowan repeated the discredited rumor that "ballots have suddenly appeared out of nowhere, including some found unsecured in an election worker's car." In fact, according to election officials quoted in news reports, the ballots did not "suddenly appear[] out of nowhere," and they weren't "unsecured." Cowan also aired a statement by Fritz Knaak, a lawyer for Sen. Norm Coleman, apparently critical of the handling of the ballots in question, but he didn't report previous statements in which Knaak reportedly said he felt assured that the ballots weren't compromised. . . .

Here is the obvious problem: Having one Democrat election judge in control of the ballots is not making sure that they are secure. You are supposed to have the ballots in the control of the election judges from all the different parties. Previous precedent going back to Elmer Anderson in 1962 such ballots would not have been counted.

Attacking talk radio, Media Matters says:

Summary: Several conservative talk radio hosts have accused Democrats of "trying to steal" the Minnesota senatorial election for Democratic challenger Al Franken over incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman (R). They offer no evidence for the accusation; indeed, the state's Republican governor has said there is none. . . .

I know that at least Hannity (as shown in the quote MM reports) and Limbaugh referenced research showing that the probability that the changes which occurred were extremely low.



Blogger 1 said...

Jim Hoft of the excellent Gateway Pundit blog site writes in the Pajamas Media the following: The Complete Guide to ACORN Voter Fraud which details the recent history of ACORN and the Democrats in their voter fraud song & dance act...

11/14/2008 3:55 AM  
Blogger pops1911 said...

This is just a continuation of the way BHo won the election - many voting machines were 'preloaded' with counts in various states as well as payments to people by Acorn to 'vote' with prefilled absentee ballots etc. etc.

Talk about stealing elections.

And then there are the idiotic "We want change" people followed by the non-racial vote 'black'!!!!

11/14/2008 6:50 AM  
Anonymous Clark said...

Please explain how Media Matters "gets it wrong" in the article you linked to.

NBC reported the facts wrong and Media Matters provided correction.

And in the other case, again, there is nothing that Media Matters says that is incorrect. Probabilities are not evidence. They may be the grounds for investigation, but they are not evidence.

Seems to me that, again, Lott, you got it wrong.

11/14/2008 7:48 AM  
Blogger 1 said...

"NBC reported the facts wrong and Media Matters provided correction"...

Hmmm, on which planet did this alledgedly happen on?

What I find absolutely hilarious is that anyone would even remotely consider ...
Media Matters a credible source

11/16/2008 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Clark said...

Try reading the MM article Lott linked to. Obviously Lott didn't bother.

11/16/2008 11:50 PM  

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