Obama campaign's "arrogance"?

With the Obama campaign already confident of a win in less than two weeks and raising well over $600 million for their campaign, John Fund discusses something that I had only heard a little about:

. . . Crain's Chicago Business reports that Mr. Obama's campaign sent a memo saying the price for access to the media area, where electrical power will be available, will be between $715 and $1,815 depending on how many phone lines and power outlets are granted. Reporters who want to cover Obama campaign officials and interview them will have to gain access to a "Press File" tent for an additional $935 per person for admission.

Lynn Sweet, Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, called the price list "an outrageous pay-to-play plan that caters to national elite [media] outlets." . . .

Mr. Obama will certainly be getting the lion's share of votes from reporters who cover his campaign, but that doesn't make his media operation popular. "There is an arrogance there that I hope doesn't carry forward to any Obama White House," one reporter who travels frequently with the candidate told me. "But all the signs of trouble are already there."

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Blogger ICONIC FREEDOM said...

Interesting that no one on radio or print is making the analogy comparing Obama's spending and McCain's spending as how they would manage the nation's bank account.

If McCain is running his campaign and doing well with fewer resources, while Obama has lots of money yet isn't able to seal the deal, does this not reveal in observation how one manages money?


Conservatively, by allocating resources in the most productive ways possible and the most efficiency


Liberally, not giving much care to how much anything costs, just throw money at it (as in how many millions in polling?), everyone will just feel good.

A person's behavior has a propensity for repetition.

Guess what the Obama administration will do with increased tax dollars?

Think those tax dollars will be utilized in efficiency.

Think again.

10/23/2008 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't blame Obama for those prices...most of that goes to the union electricians that plug your gear in, the union teamsters that pull your carts of gear to your spot and of course the various bribes to local officials.

Welcome to the Chicago Way...soon to be the USA Way after Obama's coronation er inauguration.

10/24/2008 10:38 AM  

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