New Op-ed at Fox News: Media Coverage of McCain's New Ad

The new op-ed begins this way.

The media is ferociously attacking the McCain campaign’s new web based ad linking Obama and Bill Ayers. The ad is a very short:

Obama's blind ambition. When convenient, he worked with terrorist Bill Ayers. When discovered, he lied. Obama. Blind ambition. Bad judgment. Congressional liberals fought for risky subprime loans. Congressional liberals fought against more regulation. Then, the housing market collapsed costing you billions. In crisis, we need leadership, not bad judgment.

A second longer ad released on the web at the same time continues this point and argues:

"Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, friends. They have worked together for years, but Obama tries to hide it, why? . . . Obama's friendship with terrorist Ayers isn't the issue. The issue is Barack Obama's judgment and candor."

The press has focused exclusively on the first ad. Howard Kurtz at the Washington Post writes: “To say that Obama ‘lied’ about his contacts with Ayers, whose Weathermen group conducted bombings when the senator from Illinois was 8 years old, is simply untrue.” Relying heavily on a recent article in the New York Times, Viveca Novak and Brooks Jackson with FactCheck.org write: “We find McCain's claim to be groundless. New details have recently come to light, but nothing Obama said previously has been shown to be false.” The Washington Post Fact Checker came to a similar conclusion. . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had hoped I would have gotten an unbiased artle from Fox. As usual this article is for the uninformed, uneducated and the desperate. Stop trying to change the subject from the economy. McCain is a liar, so is Bush, its understood, they have told lies. You guys for eons rode around with symbolic sheets on your heads, get it, no one is affaid of you anymore. People will stand up for their rights, think for themselves and regard you as being "the little man you betray", So stop trying to start a race war.

10/13/2008 4:44 PM  
Anonymous Duh! said...

Ed Rollins over at CNN has reminded Republicans and the McCain campaign that the goal of the 2008 election is to win it and talking about Bill Ayers is a waste of time given the unfolding financial meltdown:


Attacking Obama for his association with Bill Ayers -- the unrepentant Vietnam-era terrorist who should have been jailed four decades ago for bombing New York City Police Headquarters, the United States Capitol building, and the Pentagon -- is a legitimate tactic. So is asking questions regarding the influence of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's controversial pastor.

The problem is that few voters care about what happened 40 years ago when in the last few weeks they have seen their savings and retirements and possibly their jobs and homes going up in flames. If you don't talk to voters about their concerns they will not spend one minute listening to you in the closing days of a campaign.

Government is not working. President Bush's leadership has failed the country and Congress has not done much better. How are you going to be better? That's the question voters want answered.

10/13/2008 6:11 PM  
Anonymous Docallen001 said...

Both Factcheck.org and Politifact.com find that the McCain Web ad concerning Ayers is untrue and false. In fact Politifact gives it a "pants on fire" which is their rating for the most misleading/false statements. For instance Ayers was never on the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The grant came from the Annenberg Foundation, set up by a very conservative Republican.

10/13/2008 6:16 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Yet another joke being passed off as "serious unbiased journalism." I want to see Fox post an article about some of McCain's shady ties as opposed to making mere speculation about Senator Obama's statements. "Do we REALLY know who he is???" "How well did Mr. Ayers and Obama REALLY know one another..." We know for a FACT the extent to which McCain was involved with Thomas Keating, yet I never see Fox Make mention of this.

So they served on a board together, I hardly considering that to be an exchange of serious political ideas. Not to mention, the year Mr. Ayers threw Barack Obama a "fundraiser" (it wasn't, it was merely an introduction to the Chicago political scene) he was named Citizen of the Year by the Mayor of Chicago... Wow. What a terrorist.

For a company that touts their no spin creditials, Fox sure seems to only cover one side of the story. Please continue to paint Obama as a terrorist... It just makes you all look completely ridiculous.


10/13/2008 6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking down the liberal mindset -

"As usual this article is for the uninformed, uneducated and the desperate."

"As usual," no evidence is provided to support this claim.

"Stop trying to change the subject from the economy."

Trying his best to find an excuse not to have to provide evidence to support the claim.

"McCain is a liar, so is Bush, its understood, they have told lies."

Still understood that no evidence is provided to support this claim.

"You guys for eons rode around with symbolic sheets on your heads, get it, no one is afraid of you anymore."

Someone needs to remind him that the democrats birthed the KKK and that it is the democrats who continue to deny blacks their humanity by keeping them sucking on government's teat.

"People will stand up for their rights, think for themselves ..."

Useful idiot talking point #126.

"So stop trying to start a race war."

??? Oh wait, I forgot. If I disagree with you, I am a racist. Useful idiot talking point #1.

10/13/2008 6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Factcheck.org is run by the Annenberg Foundation. They have ties to Obama. It is ridiculous that everyone knows this, and pretends FactCheck is impartial.

Everything in this article is sourced and provable. The problem is, Obamaniacs don't care. Another columnist made the point clearly: Obamaniacs are generally communist/socialists themselves, or they have been indoctrinated by people who believe anti-communism is a greater evil than communism itself. In short, they're stupid people who do not understand the true value and strength of America.

10/13/2008 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this article is what you would expect from FOX "news." Guilt by association is a tried and true despicable tactic for those with no ideas. Bill Ayers was a 1960's radical; Bill Ayers today is an old man dedicated to education and that's the man that Barack Obama knows. Anybody who cares about a single event, friendship, relationship however intangible does not have their head screwed on straight. This is the case for most lying, racist conservatives. Apolgoies to the majority of conservatives who are not that way; just the ones who run FOX and blabber like idiots on conservative talk radio.

10/13/2008 7:52 PM  
Anonymous big bopper said...

Just more right-wing malarkey; beating the Ayers 'dead horse', a story which has been around for months! As near as I can tell, the American people are fed-up with the HUGE 'mountain-out-of-molehill' EXAGGERATIONS of the right-wingers. In fact all the half-truths, exaggerations, misinformation and disinformation and the rest of the mudslinging of the Republicans seem to helping Obama with the independents. Time to find a new tactic if you have any!

10/13/2008 7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Lott, you come across as a man desperate to support John McCain's faltering candidacy by casting doubts on Barak Obama's judgement and veracity, and on the press's willingness to follow up on issues that might relate to Obama's suitability as president.

Obama has stated that he doesn't share Ayers beliefs and doesn't agree with things Ayers did 40 years ago. He has said that he doesn't "pal around" with Ayers. That doesn't seem to be a stretch to me. And it doesn't seem to be a big deal. I have friends that I "pal around" that supported George W Bush, something I never did. I have had co-workers that I worked with for more than 10 years that I never socialized with. This appears to be an attempt to assign guilt by association based on facts that McCain supporters image to exist.

If guilt by association is the game, let's ask the press why they haven't properly covered McCain's stated admiration for G. Gordon Liddy, a convicted felon, admirer of Hitler and right wing personality. I've heard that Liddy had a discussion on his show about the best way to shoot federal agents that might be coming after someone. McCain expressed admiration for Liddy and his views on the air.

Then we come to Todd Palin's membership and Sarah Palin's "association" with the Alaska Independence Party. The party was founded by Joe Vogler, who was quoted as saying "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I have no use for America or her damned institutions." Vogler was murdered by another party member a short time before he was scheduled to talk to the United Nations about Alaskan independence. His speech was sponsored by that epitome of freedom and democracy, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although Todd and Sarah probably never met Vogler, since Todd joined 2 years after Vogler's death, the party's platform is the same - it want's to have a revote on statehood, preferably resulting in independence from the Lower 48. Todd only left the party when Sarah decided to run for office in 2002. People don't join political parties to "pal around". They join them because they agree with party positions. The party is not an American party.

To me, these actions by the Republican presidential candidate and the spouse and best friend of the Republican vice-presidential candidate are much scarier than Obama's contact with Willam Ayers. And that's without even starting to talk about their reactions to the current economic crisis.

Obama certainly isn't the second coming - of JFK or anyone else, and I'd him better if he had more experience. But I have much graver doubts about McCain/Palin's ability to provide the leadership that America needs today.

10/13/2008 8:09 PM  
Blogger Merry Wife said...

When are FOX News and the rest of the right wing machinery going to realize that the majority of CONSERVATIVES don’t give a rat’s behind about character assassination, radical anti-abortion stances or whacky right wing “Christian” views? We want a government that is fiscally responsible and that doesn’t try to legislate lifestyle. This whole debacle about Ayers is really the icing on the cake. Thanks to the constant focus on Ayers tenuous relationship with Obama and all of the freaks who show up to rallies and act like they just rolled out of a confederate trailer park, the republican ticket is in the tank-- or have you not noticed that since the attacks, Obama has sky-rocketed in the Polls? McCain is a sensible, honorable man who has strong programs to ameliorate our economic difficulties and health care crisis and who can uphold our nation’s honor and safety in this complex 21st century world arena. Please, right wingers, get out of his way! Let McCain be McCain. It is the only way he can win!

10/13/2008 9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You start with poor rationalizations and just go downhill from there. You say, "Obama's claims that “I have not received some official endorsement from” and “not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis” are both wrong."

Your rationalization for why the first claim (I have not recieved some official endorsement) is wrong is that Ayers "opened his home to Obama" early in his first Ill. state Senate run.

Really? So let's see... Obama was clearly talking about his Presidential run when he said, "I have not received some official endorsement from..." (Ayers) And you think he was wrong because Ayers invited Obama to his home, years ago, for a meet and greet.

Can you say bending over backwards trying to reinvent reality? That's what you are doing there with such an absurd tortured rationalization.

Obama also said that Ayers was "not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis." A statement you disagree with because.... they served on two boards together more than 5 years ago. Naturally the fact they served on boards together means the same as "we exchange ideas on a regular basis." Of course it does.


And you just go downhill from there. If you had another brain it would die of lonliness.

10/13/2008 9:34 PM  
Anonymous Mystylplx said...

Let me see if I understand you--

Obama and Ayers sat on two boards together. Presumably they had "regular" board meetings. Presumably they "exchanged ideas" at these "regular" board meetings. Therefor Obama was wrong to say that Ayers isn't someone he regularly exchanges ideas with. Is that your thinking?

And Obama was wrong to say that Ayers hadn't officially endorsed him because Ayers once invited Obama to his house. Years ago. Long before Obama was even running for President. Is that your thinking?

What I'd like to know is if you really believe anyone with a brain is going to buy your tortured rationalizations. Do you? Do you really?

(BTW, I don't think you're a racist--I just think you're an idiot.)

10/13/2008 9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mystylplx:

So let me get this straight:

1. William Ayers was a terrorist who bombed targets in the United States and is now known to have had a financial and political relationship with Senator Obama.

2. Reverend Dr. Wright is a pastor who preaches hatred toward America and had a 20-year relationship with the Obama family, and is self-described by Senator Obama as a mentor.

3. Louis Farrakhan -- anti-Semite, racist, and America-hater -- has endorsed Senator Obama (he even made a Messiah allusion toward the senator).

4. Hamas political adviser Ahmed Yousef has endorsed Senator Obama on behalf of the Hamas terrorist organization which has vowed the destruction of the United States and Israel -- and has already murdered thousands of innocent people toward that goal.

5. Michelle Obama, wife of Senator Obama, has never been proud of the United States in her entire adult life until this year’s Democratic primary –this is the Senator’s life partner and soul mate.

6. The surge in Iraq, which has saved hundreds of American and Iraqi lives, is deemed a failure by Senator Obama in HINDSIGHT (!!) – I guess it depends on whom one supports.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11. I have not even mentioned, Saul Alinsky, ACORN, plagiarism, voting “present”, his buddy from Fannie Mae (was it $90 million that guy got??)

12, 13, 14. Nor have I mentioned the “truth squads” (in the state of Missouri), the weird donations to the Obama campaign (like from people named “jjjjft”), and of course his missing thesis from Columbia (what’s up with that??)

And you want to believe that Senator Obama is an honorable man with the best interests of the country in his heart?

I mean seriously, the facts are overwhelming. I think you must realize this because you have resorted to personal attacks and name-calling, rather than a strict application of logic and common sense.

Senator Obama is a man who has no honor and will break any pledge, alter any principle, or sever any constraint of conscience, to further his political career.

Pons Asinorum

10/14/2008 1:29 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

I find some interesting links in Obama's background re: Chicago politics, see the article found here: http://hotair.com/archives/2008/08/22/a-nexus-of-cronyism-at-uic-medical-center/
A lot of attention has been made of the Ayers connection, let's shed a little light on Michelle Robinson Obama's connections and political assistance to her husband.

10/14/2008 3:21 AM  
Anonymous WakeupUSA! said...

Some facts about Barack Hussein Obama:

1 - He worked with a terrorist Bill Ayers for years just like Salim Ahmed Hamdan who was Osama Bin Laden's driver. Hamdan got sent to gitmo - Obama got to run for president - how does that make any sense? Send Obama to Gitmo.

2 - Obama says he got no official endorsement from Ayers. This is a lie because Ayers threw a party for him in the 90s. If I ran for president and someone asked me about my relationship with my mother and I said that she had not officially endorsed me then I would be a liar because she threw parties for me on all of my birthdays when I was a kid. Ayers will vote Obama - my mother will vote me. FACT.

3 - Jeremiah Wright is a racist and Obama went to his church for a long time. This is PROOF that Obama thinks racism is a good thing when he is not in the media spotlight. George Bush never talks about the Rapture in public either because it would not play well but behind closed doors everyone knows he believes that it is coming any minute. Obama loves racism like George Bush loves biblical literalism - FACT.

4 - In the 1990s when Obama was hanging out with Bill 'terror' Ayers, someone stole my bicycle. The liberal media elite have not ONCE asked Obama whether it was him. Meanwhile Palin is getting taken apart in the press for some stupid 'abuse of power' thing that nobody really cares about. Obama stole my bicycle - NOT Sarah Palin. McCain/Palin 08.

10/14/2008 9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't this all seem eerily familiar? Back in 1992, George HW Bush was widely criticized for calling Bill Clinton's truthfulness and believability into question. Yet, we found out all too publicly just how much of a liar Slick Willie really was. The media is so focused on delivering Obama into the White House, they don't care about character -- in a president or in themselves. You Obama supporters may not like it, but you really can "judge a man by the company he keeps."

10/14/2008 11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

while people are losing thier jobs, home and retirement income you and the rest of the ill informed and negative scare tactician are writing and spreading Bill ayers. Bill Ayers will not create jobs, cut taxes, educate our kids, lower crime, defends our beloved country. Let talk about the issues not Bill Ayers. Election won by scare tactics is election stolen.
Emmanuel/Twinsburg Ohio

10/14/2008 11:25 AM  
Anonymous Clark said...

Gee Lott, by the standards you apply in your "analysis," you and I have a regular exchange of ideas. I guess that makes you accountable for everything that I've done in my life or still might do.

10/14/2008 1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By your standards, I guess everyone is totally who they are for life when they go through those radical times of youth. Just because I did not follow the path of many in my generation, does not close me off to believing that others could not "sow their wild oats" and then grow up and go a different direction.

You at Fox are just plain NOBAMA folk. Are you racist? OR do you still believe that he is a Muslim? Your fair and balanced ideal is just plain crap!!

10/14/2008 2:08 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Anonymous at 10/14/2008 11:25 AM:

There are lots of very important issues in this election. The point of my piece was to look at the job that the media had done covering the issue. Ayers though brings up issues of honesty on Obama's part.

Dear Clark at 10/14/2008 1:27 PM:

Ayers was Obama's employer. Obama worked directly for him. There were no other people in between them. Ayers set the education strategy and Obama handled the finances. If you and I served on multiple boards over a decade and you had helped get my campaigns started and you and I went on outings together, I would say that taken together we had a regular exchange of ideas.

10/14/2008 2:22 PM  
Blogger TrueThinker said...

One thing's for sure. If I, as an ordinary citizen, had worked with or received ANY kind of support from a known terrorist such as Ayers, I'd probably be arrested. There's NO WAY I'd hold the security clearance I hold now. Absolutely no way. Am I being held to a different standard with respect to national security than a candidate for POTUS and Commander in Chief? Are you kidding me?

10/14/2008 2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a piece from a scholar? shame on you for writing what im sure in your heart of hearts can agree is rediculously petty charges that amount to the same yelling that an uninformed mob would make. i believe you have a higher intellectual capactiy than that which leads me to conclude you are mearly one of the dishonest, disingenious conservative machines trying to shape uneducated peoples views with misleading and tripe attacks.

10/14/2008 2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about Timmons working for Saddam Hussein - me thinks McCain better drop this Ayers stuff quick!

10/14/2008 3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! Mr. Lott writes an article trying to explain something the media is blatantly ignoring (or at least covering up) and the liberals use their same old tried and true response: Name calling and accusations of racism. Yeah, I find Obama's policies and history scary and will not vote for him. Contrary to popular belief I do not wear a white hood and burn crosses. I have several black friends at college who also do not support Obama. And Liberals, do try to criticize the article instead of it's writer or other posters. Thanks.

-Joe S.

10/14/2008 3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Lott: Why haven't you told your readers and listeners about Sarah and Todd Palin's membership in the AIP, Alaska Independent Party, a secessionist group, which is sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is friends with Russia. Russia is a stones from Alaska. Russian missles could be launched unnoticed throw Alaska if attack codes are leaked. By accepting sponsorship from Iran and Russia, are not the Palins and AIP guilty of treason.

10/14/2008 4:15 PM  
Anonymous tammy long said...

I am so grateful to finally read an article for those who desire the truth. Those who are not interested in the true facts are those who would follow blindly an individual who speaks and says truely nothing.
We cannot completely blame those who would follow such a manipulative speaker due to his teaching by radicals he has worked closely with and learned from. His ability to speak and say little of nothing is simply a way to control those listening by being whatever the believe they need, and or want him to be. His clever ability could be compared to a door to door salesman who creates a situation to help you believe you need the product he is selling. In this case himself.
Obama was taught by the best to manipulate individuals in this way by the teaching of Saul Alinsky, a left-wing community organizer who wrote "Rules for Radicals". It is interesting to note that Alinsky's followers, the ones who worked closely with him, are the very individuals who hired Obama as a community organizer in 1985. As part of his work as a community organizer he learned Alinsky's beliefs and radical methods. He as well participated in training many more individuals to use these methods. Has Obama not stated that these "years as a community organizer gave him the best education of his life"
Obama became a master of these many radical teachings. It becomes evident when you know this background that he is using these same tactics even now, on the American Public. Alinsky taught the keys of Agitate, Aggravate, educate, then organize. All you need to employ these tactics successfully is a small amount of human psychology.
Alinsky taught those who followed him to not show haterd to those who are low income or as Obama calls it "Middle Class". He also warned to never deny them of their religious beliefs because they would become hostile. Remember the statement Obama made about the populations of small towns clinging to their guns and religion in a way to deal with frustrations.
From this simple statement we know he is employing a radical viewpoint even now. He will not change, and if elected he will continue to employ these tactics upon the unsuspecting American Citizens.
Lets say you don't want to consider all of this factual information, lets consider his record in the Illinois Senate and his record in the United States Senate.
Obama has not voted one time to lower taxes which was his platform while running for these offices. In fact in you look back in history Obama is still running on the same platform today.
He has never fulfilled any of these promises before why would he now. In fact looking into the records of the Illinois legislature he consistantly voted to raise taxes. He did not vote on any contiversial subjects. It is not that he was not there he just voted present. Obama has continued this practice while being a U.S. Senate.
Now don't get me started about the ear marks he has obtained and where the money went and what he recieved in returned. If you are interested about that information ask and I will tell.

I research those individuals who will be creating a world my children will live in before I vote. Those who vote without knowledge of where those individuals come from or what made them are today are voting blindly and from emotion.

Some of my information has come from "The Case Against Barack Obama" written by David Freddoso. The rest has come from my own research into legislation from both Illinois and the U.S. Senate.


10/14/2008 4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are not un-weaned babies, we want the meaty truth. What is ALP and Vogler and Iran got to do with Palin?

10/14/2008 4:27 PM  
Blogger resnik11 said...

The problem here folks is not Obama lying, or Acorn committing voter fraud or William Ayers,or Jerimiah Wright. The problem is the liberal American press corp. It is the responsiblity of the American press to investigate and inform the american people in an unbiased and fair manner about these associations. Factcheck.org. is tied to the Annenburg Foundation they cannot and will not give the real facts. Their credibility has been destroyed for ever. To quote any supposed fact from factcheck is no longer considered intelligent. The press is the culprits in this issue and I believe the american people should take up our hoes and pitchforks and march against the american press. Throw them out of our lives, our houses our politics and our businesses. It is time America created a much different and much more responsible form of acquiring information and news. This current process of biased and prejudiced journalists pushing political adgendas and creating misleading articles intended to misrepresent and advance a certain adgenda or a certain politician is old hat and needs to be discarded. A new free press that is held to a very high standard of morals and truthfulness is what the american people need. Fairness and equality should prevail over selfishness and immoral misrepresentations.

10/14/2008 5:08 PM  
Anonymous Cormac said...

The fact remains that Obama has deliberately down-played his relationship with Ayers and misled American voters. If it was not a big deal he could have just come out with the truth (the whole truth) from the beginning. He didn't with Ayers, he didn't with Rev. Wright, he didn't with ACORN and he still hasn't with his birth certificate (which would clear up the law suit a lot quicker than filing an injunction).
As far as Dr. Lott's research and integrity are concerned, the man has devoted himself to fighting illogical and emotional arguments and lies by using cited facts and statistics. All he has done here is point out inconsistencies in the campaign and media bias...probably in the hopes of shedding light on them and acting as a catalyst for independent throught free from twisted mainstream reporting. Nothing he has said is false and you are free to draw your own conclusions...the information is out there, John Lott just compiles and makes it available in one place. Don't accept it as Gospel...use it to guide your own research and see how many faults you can find (without using any official campaign statements). He was right on gun control, taxes, government waste and inefficiency, abortion's affect on crime rates, Obama's record on gun control...and the list goes on.
Quit your talking points, quit resorting to juvenile debate tactics and learn to think for yourself...if you need some guidance I'm sure the good Dr. Lott will help point you in the direction of some quality sources.

10/14/2008 5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When it comes to a person who might be the next president of our country, we have the right to have our questions answered. For me, this isn't about being a Democrat or Republican. It's about Barack Obama. Who is he? In his own autobiography he talks about "Frank" - his mentor. Frank Marshall Davis was a known and admitted member of the Communist party. There's little information about his college years - because he will not release that information. From what I can put together, he went to Chicago on a grant he received from a leftwing foundation - was hired by associates of Saul Alinsky - the Industrial Areas Foundation - known as a "school for professional radicals." It was at about that time that he met Jeremiah Wright, who even at that time was known for his opinions and hatred against "white folks.". If Barack left Chicago in 1988 - after three years, to attend Harvard Law School - graduated in 1991 - where was he from 1982 to 1985? Did it take him seven years to get through college. According to what documentation can be found, Barack returned to Chicago, after Harvard, and joined the law firm of Judson Miner. Within a few years Barack became involved with Bill Ayers. Ayers was associated with the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools. One member of the alliance was the Developing Communities Project, where Barack worked as an organizer. In 1994 they both were involved with the Chicago Annenberry Challenge. Ayers headed the operational center and appointed Barack Chairman of the Board. Everything both of these men worked on were radical or reform groups. It's known that Barack launched his political career in Ayers' living room. They went on to serve together on the board of the Woods Fund. It was reported last week that Barack's wife, Michelle, knew Ayers' wife twenty years earlier when they worked in the same office. In 1980, when the Ayers came out of hiding, Barack would have been a college student. I cannot believe that he was not aware of national headlines, and did not make the connection to Bill Ayers when he first met him - whenever that really was. Again, why won't Obama release information from his college and law school years? Why won't he allow those learning institutions to release information? What was his thesis topic? Why won't he release the thesis itself. Most people take pride in their thesis project, and often use it to support their credentials and social views when securing future employment, and he is looking for employement - as president of our United States of America. Supposedly there is an on going court case regarding his place of birth. His grandmother was quoted as saying that he was born in Kenya, and that she was in the delivery room. There are questions concerning his birth certificate from Hawaii. Where was he really born? He is even a United States citizen? Was he a Muslim, and what are his ties to them? In his campaign for Illinois senator, Barack was endorsed by the New Party - made up of socialists, Communists, and leftists. We know Barack Obama is a liberal, but what don't we know? As Americans we are entitled to answers.

10/14/2008 5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10/14/2008 5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Mccain and the GOP is determined to paint Obama as a bad guy with poor judgement, why don't we point out his dirty deeds! His extramaritial affairs with his 1st wife. That clearly is not an honorable and just man. Talk about palling around with bad characters. Didn't McCain celebrate his 70th birthday with Raffaello Follieri! a man who plead guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. The same man who pretended to be a part of the Vatican and even borrowed sacred robes to convince people that he was collecting money on behalf of the Vatican. McCain and this scoundrel Follieri were Palling around on Follieri's yacht! There are pics of this look it up! Let"s not forget the Keating 5 scandal which is very similar to what is going on today in our economy. Both parties on the GOP ticket have been under ethics investigations during their careers. McCain was found to have used bad judgement and Palin was found to have ABUSED HER POWER! Now come on people stop throwing stones from a glasses house on a really slippery slop.

10/15/2008 12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 10/15/2008 12:00 AM:

Two wrongs make a right, eh :-)

All human beings make mistakes and misjudgments. Both Senator Obama and Senator McCain (and their respective running mates) are human and therefore make errors. In my humble opinion, what matters is: (a) the seriousness of the offense -- i.e. how much harm does it do to people, and (b) what a person does after he or she makes that mistake.

As for case (a), the facts are there regarding the mistakes the various candidates have made (and it is quite a list). As fellow Americans, we can all decide for ourselves the seriousness of these offenses and vote accordingly.

As for case (b), I would offer these two anecdotes that were made early in the campaign:

1) McCain confused Sunnis with Shittes, and when told of this mistake, he acknowledged it, corrected it, and did so in a matter of seconds.

2) Obama stated that he would not remove US troops from Iraq if Al Qaeda terrorists were operating in Iraq. When informed of his error (Al Qaeda terrorist were in Iraq at that time), he responded with a personal attack against McCain, never acknowledged his mistake, and to this day has not made it clear what he intends to do about Al Qaeda in Iraq.

I will respect those voting for Senator Obama, believing that the vast majority are acting honorably, just as I have (i.e. in the best interests of the country), even if we hold different opinions. It is my sincerest hope that honor and wisdom guide our choices.


Pons Asinorum

PS: I almost forgot Governor Palin. Let’s see, ABUSE OF POWER: a (popular) Governor who fired a government safety official for refusing to discipline a cop for pumping 50,000 volts into a child, while NOT on duty…hmmm. I am going to go with “that’s a good thing”.

10/15/2008 2:42 AM  
Anonymous Nancy Brandt said...

Your readers may appreciate hearing from someone who knows something firsthand about the Annenberg Challenge, now a campaign headline. This is the six-year project that John McCain and Sarah Palin are calling a radical education organization when it was involved in school reform in Chicago in the ‘90's, one of eighteen such sites in the nation. Barack Obama, then an attorney and lecturer at the University of Chicago law school, was asked to serve on the founding board, and later as its chair -- a board that included the President of the University of Illinois and the President of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club, Chicago’s most prestigious business organization. Later, the board included the President, CEO and Publisher of the Chicago Tribune and the President of the Field Museum. This board determined which proposals were good candidates for funding. Professor Bill Ayers from the University of Illinois at Chicago, as an expert on small learning environments, was helpful in developing the proposal that made Chicago a winning Annenberg city.

As someone who had pioneered the concept of reconnecting a network of urban schools to their local community and to outside resources as part of my job for Continental Bank, I was invited to the very first Annenberg meetings in Chicago, to describe my program. Attending were professional educators from Brown University and a Who’s Who of school reform advocates in the city. Public education in Chicago was trying to reinvent itself, and the entire civic community was helping. We were grateful for outside support from Walter Annenberg, a Republican philanthropist, publisher, and former ambassador to the United Kingdom. The Annenberg Challenge funded winning external partners like DePaul University, Continental Bank’s educational partner for the school network we had created. Applicants were required to show how they planned to address three areas of school improvement: creating smaller learning environments so that children get more personalized teaching; setting aside more planning time for teachers; and collaborating with outside organizations to combat isolation.

Education was a hot topic in Chicago in those days. There were numerous panels on models of school reform that we all attended, and Professor Bill Ayers was a frequent panelist. The most radical thing that I ever heard Professor Ayers say, and the most radical thought that the Annenberg Challenge or any of the other school reform efforts in Chicago ever promoted was this: all children can learn if we adults create the right conditions. Dangerous stuff perhaps to those who do not want to believe it.

Nancy Brandt
Former Program Officer
Education and Youth Grants
Continental Bank/Bank of America
Chicago, Illinois

10/15/2008 3:56 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

A comment from the last independent in America.

I'm always amused when I hear people call themselves independent. I usually ask who they actually voted for, and it turns out they're not independent at all. I have voted republican, democratic, green and libertarian. I am a black man who didn't make up his mind until the selection of Gov. Palin (Made me decide against, there are many better republican women, unfortunately for Sen. McCain they are either pro-choice, or hate him).

Ayers matters to me as much as G. Gordon Liddy or Oliver North or the guy from the Vatican fraud case earlier this year. Criminals, felons, loosely associated with the candidate, so what ? These are politicians, when you lie with dogs you'll get fleas.

Why do you think the polls have turned so negative against McCain ? We independents DO NOT CARE ABOUT AYERS OR WRIGHT OR LIDDY OR WHOEVER.

It's the economy STUPID. The associations I'm concerned with are Obama/Fannie@Freddie (moderate)Obama/Raines(minor), McCain/Keating(REALLY major) and McCain/Phil Gramm (REALLY REALLY major).

What I really hae is the knee jerk finger pointing. They were all involved.

10/15/2008 3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Nancy Brandt:

It was interesting to hear your words of praise for Professor Ayers and all the great works he has done for the education of children. I was most impressed with all the Very Important People you cited as supporter of his woks.

I am curious however if you, Professor Ayers, or any of the Very Important People that were referenced ever gave aid or help to the children of Paul Ragonese, Richard Elrod, or Brian V. McDonnell?

Paul Ragonese was injured in a Weather Underground bombing on June 9, 1970.

Richard Elrod was paralyzed by a Weather Underground bombing on October 11, 1969.

Brian V. McDonnell killed by a Weather Underground bomb filled with shrapnel on Feb 16, 1970.


Pons Asinorum

PS: Would you happen to know if Professor Bill Ayers has ever apologized to his victims (at least those who survived)? In my research I could find no record of it.

10/15/2008 4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mark:

The Keating 5 scandal had a cost of $125 billion to US taxpayers.

Senator McCain was cleared by a Senate Ethics committee led by a Democrat (three of the five senators were not cleared).

In addition, McCain answered all question put to him in a press conference until all the journalists had exhausted their inquires.

McCain maintained his ELECTED office for the past 20 years (the Keating 5 issue being severely vetted).

In 2005, McCain seeing the same thing happening, try to introduce legislation (The Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act Of 2005) to prevent the same catastrophe.

It was eventually killed by Democratic Senator Dodd (the number one largest recipient of funds from Fannie Mae). Senator Obama was silent on this matter (the number two largest recipient of funds from Fannie Mae), and did nothing as this bill died.

The result:
$70 billion to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
$35 billion for AIG
$700 billion for bailout
$110 billion for additional bailout (why doesn’t anyone talk about this?)
$10 billion for AIG (again!)

But not all bad for everyone; Franklin Raines -- the former CEO of Fannie Mae -- did manage to escape with some $90 million plus a nice job as an advisor for the Obama campaign.

There were some “irregularities” in how Mr. Raines kept his companies books, and he has to pay back:
$24.7 million in cash
$2 million fine
$15.6 million in stock options (value at the time of the penalty)

The tally is a take-home check of just under a $50 million (not bad for a dishonest days work).


Pons Asinorum

As for the “major/minor” simplifications, you be the judge:

$925 billion Obama/Fannie and Freddie (et al)

$125 billion McCain/Keating 5

10/16/2008 1:13 AM  
Blogger Gena said...

Please give me a break! Anybody that doesn't think that not only does Obama have the same views as Ayres he is very good friends with this man and has been.Obama started his Political career in Ayres house and also worked with Ayres and his father Tom.People need to look at the picture of Obama shown not having his hand over his heart while the Pledge of Allegiance is playing and he is going out for the President of the US and has those views.The only thing that Obama has going for him is that he is a smooth talker,but he is an Attorney and that is what they are taught.Obama has too many Radical friends and scary beliefs for me.Also his wife said how a mean country the US is and that she has never been proud before now to be an American.She worked with Ayres wife and probably holds the same beliefs as Ayres wife does.This is scary! I was an Obama supporter and voted for him in the primaries,but I researched the record of both Obama and McCain and after that I had no doubt that I would vote for McCain with Honor.McCain is a great man that has also fought for America.His wife Cindy has done alot for children around the world and I have bever heard her say anything bad about our great Country.For anyone to vote for Obama after knowing what his true beliefs are crazy! This is scary and very serious!Obama has too many skeletons in his closet for me and he still hasn't answered the questions about his ties to these Radical people for me.HOW MANY F THEM WILL BE IN HIS CABINET? If you say none of them you need to think again.He holds the same beliefs as Ayres and Wright and that isn't going to change!

10/16/2008 10:31 AM  
Blogger lora said...

I keep reading how what happened 40 years ago dont matter? How can any one not care what happened to the people that this man and others killed and injured, Are some of you following obama so blindly that you REALLY believe his associations and friends, and religious ties do not influence who he is and how he will carry himself, and what of his judgement now? and if you are so niave to believe that these things dont matter then look at his voting record how many times did he vote present? what will happen in a crisis will he just be present then? will he call wright? Ayers? and what else do we not know about him because like it or not the media has not done a fair job with this election.

10/16/2008 1:08 PM  
Anonymous This article is pathetic said...

This desperate attempt to portray Obama as some kind of terrorist sympathizer is pathetic.

The Annenberg Foundation was founded by Walter Annenberg. Here's a portion of his bio and Republican credentials.

"It was Annenberg who introduced President Reagan to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the Reagans often celebrated New Year's Eve with the Annenbergs. Leonore Annenberg was named by President Ronald Reagan as the State Department's Chief of Protocol as well..."

Perhaps rabid Republican crowds should shout for Annenberg's assassination as well. Or maybe Reagan's? Absolutely pathetic. My 401K's are disintegrating and this is how McCain supporters want to spend their time? This is embarrasing.

10/16/2008 2:50 PM  
Blogger JUSTIN said...

@ Bridge of Fools
Good work man. Nice to see someone who actually cares.

10/16/2008 4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This desperate attempt to portray Obama as a terrorist sympathizer is pathetic.

The Annenberg Foundation was founded by Walter Annenberg. Here's a portion of his bio and Republican credentials.

"It was Annenberg who introduced President Reagan to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and the Reagans often celebrated New Year's Eve with the Annenbergs. Leonore Annenberg was named by President Ronald Reagan as the State Department's Chief of Protocol as well..."

Perhaps rabid Republican crowds should shout for his assassination as well. Or maybe Reagan's? Absolutely pathetic. My 401K's are disintegrating and this is how McCain supporters want to spend their time? This is embarrasing.

10/16/2008 5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 10/16/2008 at 5:26 PM:

That is a good point. Senator Obama did not kill or maim anyone. His (casual ?) associate Professor Bill Ayers did.

Perhaps the victims (at least those who survived the Weather Underground bombings) might think that this relationship needs to be vetted in a more forthcoming manner.

Of course, we are free to disagree (indeed, it is easy) when none of our family members were murdered or maimed by Professor Ayers.


Pons Asinorum

PS: If Senator Obama wanted to become a Private in the US Army, and if he needed a Secret Clearance, his current explanation would fail. Certainly we can all agree the Presidency is worthy of this minimum exploration. Besides, if all is as he states, then why the fear (and name-calling) among his supporters?

10/16/2008 9:32 PM  
Anonymous truefinancenow said...

Here's an interesting site if you want to hear an alternative view to all the mainstream network news:


I found it on another blog. I only post it here because I'm sure not too many people have heard these viewpoints. They may be right, they may be wrong. You won't know until you consider them. If you think you'd like to be informed, do some research. Look up the references, compare it with other info you find. The more info we review, the better equipped we're going to be. You can't make up your mind if you just get your news from one source. Listen to both sides, listen to all the negative and positive points, and then form your own conclusions. Listen to other people--left, center and right. Then make up your own mind. That's the American way. Don't let anyone make up your mind for you.

10/17/2008 2:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very frustrating - people are not getting the point. The point is that Obama had knowledge of Ayers - then denied that he had knowledge.
Didn't Clinton almost get impeached for lying about Monica?

Wake up people, the media is so far left it is repulsive!!!

Obama is an empty suit and is a puppet for the democrats.

10/17/2008 11:43 AM  
Anonymous history-girl said...

I have recently found this information and found it compeling enough to share with others who would want to research the future leader of their country. For those interested check out http:www.chicagodsa.org At first it may seem to be a dull read but look through the site, it is the archives for the democratic socialists, the chapter in Chicago. I found lots on the archives page called New Ground 47 I promise you will find Barack and his wife's name in the content. Amazing I know!
Also look under New Ground 2008, also interesting reading where you will find familiar names.
I agree with those that agree that the job of president should require a higher level of security than what we are finding is required.

10/17/2008 6:49 PM  
Anonymous E. Olson said...

Obama refers to the acts Ayers committed against America as "detestable." If he found them so detestable, why would he not have distanced himself as far as possible from the self-confirmed terrorist from the moment he learned of them?

Obama was only 19 when Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon, and 6 years old when Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert F. Kennedy. By Obama's standards, these guys might also be reasonable associates? Where's the distinction?

The passing of time shouldn't make Obama more comfortable with or dismissive of his association.
There's no statute of limitations on evil.

E. Olson

10/18/2008 11:19 PM  
Blogger jaylocke said...

The Weathermen were despicable. Admitedly they were a very different kinds of terrorist than McVeigh or Bin Ladin. But being careful to only damage unoccupied buildings and making sure you never hurt people doesn’t make it ok to protest Vietnam with explosives and damage government property. Vandalism is a form of terrorism too and that is exactly what they did. How can he write a whole book condemning terrorism and not realize that?

I read this: http://tinyurl.com/5xbxbl. . It’s Ayers letter to the editor of the New York Times
so I know the paper misquoted him on September 11th and he expressed regret over his violent approach.

So what. He still committed those acts. He can spend all day helping children now but only by accepting JESUS CHRIST can you repent and be saved.

10/19/2008 6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question still remains: “If Obama has nothing to hide nor fear about Americans learning the full extent of his relationship with Ayers, why has he only given out information ‘piece meal’ when forced to do so? Why has he not, from the beginning, been totally up front with full and trueful disclosure? Could it be there is even more that he fears we might learn????”

10/19/2008 8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is for you "history girl". Since you like to do research, why don't you research the McCain/Palin associations and report back to us? Here are a few to get you started:
Rev. Muthee
Jews for Jesus
AIP (Alaskan Independence Party)
Charles Keating
G. Gordon Liddy
That should keep you busy for a while. Please, let us know what you find...

10/19/2008 11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found this link on the TheNewAmerican website which was also an interesting read that also may shed some interesting light on things.

Here is the link.


10/19/2008 11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media has always been cheering for Obama.

Study: McCain coverage mostly negative -(10/22/08)

Just 14 percent of the stories about John McCain from the conventions through the final presidential debate were positive in tone, according to a study released today, while nearly 60 percent were negative.

For Barack Obama, the study found coverage “has been somewhat more positive than negative, but not markedly so," with 36 percent of the storiees positive in tone, 35 percent mixed, and 29 percent negative.


10/22/2008 5:00 PM  

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