Off-duty Chicago Cop Visiting Utah Shoots Man Who Stabbed Another Person

The Salt Lake Tribune had this story:

Off-duty Chicago cop shoots 'random' attacker in Orem
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 09/13/2008 04:37:40 PM MDT
An off-duty Chicago police officer shot a suspect who stabbed a man, apparently at random, outside an Orem restaurant, police say.
Both the stabbing victim and the suspect were in stable condition at separate hospitals as of late Saturday morning. They're names have not been disclosed.
About 8 a.m. Saturday, a Boise man and his girlfriend were leaving the International House of Pancakes at 850 W. 1250 South. In the parking lot, Orem police said, a 33-year-old man approached the couple and somehow startled them. The man apologized, then began attacking the Boise man with a pair of scissors, police said.
An off-duty police officer saw the attack and went to help. The officer drew his gun and ordered the suspect to drop the weapon, police said. But when the suspect made another move to stab the victim, police said, the officer fired.
The shot wounded the suspect but he tried to run away, Orem police said. The off-duty officer apprehended him. The stabbing victim suffered wounds to his head, neck and arm, police said.
Police said the suspect was a stranger to the couple and may suffer from psychological ailments.
The off-duty officer was in Utah to provide instruction, Orem police said.

Thanks to Brent Fowles for this link.

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