New Op-ed in the Sunday Philly Inquirer: There's no evidence that banning guns cuts crime

You can read the full piece here:

Philadelphia had 406 homicides in 2007, and, at 28 per 100,000 people, it also had the highest murder rate of any major city in the United States. No wonder Philadelphians want things done.

Recently, the city focused on a new tragedy, the murder of a 12-year police veteran and father of three, Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, by three bank robbers with long, violent criminal records.

To Gov. Rendell, Mayor Nutter, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, and freshman U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, the solution is simple: more gun control. After pushes failed for new state and local laws, last Thursday these four politicians announced that the solution to Philadelphia's problems was re-enacting the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.. . . .

UPDATE: The article was the most viewed opinion piece on the Inquirer website.

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Anonymous Kris said...

government's solution to everything: more government

I'd send them copies of your books but I doubt they would read them.

5/25/2008 10:36 AM  
Blogger Conservatarian said...


I have thought about this alot. I finally figured it out.

If asked whether they believe that they (he gun-banners) had guns, would they start shooting people willy-nilly without restraint, they would answer, "Of course not," but they are worried about others who would not be so restrained.

Bottom line, they think they are better than everyone else. No one but them could be trusted with guns (think Carl Rowan, the DC resident and anti-gun columnist who shot a burglar breaking into his home a few years back).

Gun control is a product, really, of the elitists' monumental egos.

5/25/2008 2:54 PM  
Anonymous tanquera said...

Like Kris said ^^^, when all you have in your tool box is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail. These guys are tools and have no logical cognitive ability for cause/effect and rational decision making. Who uses guns for crime? (hint: it's not the law abiding, legal, tax paying citizen)

5/28/2008 8:31 AM  

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