The Trial of Obama's Close Friend Starts Yielding Some Explosive Results

Under the headline "Gov was told of threat to 'take them down'," Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Despite Gov. Blagojevich's repeated denials that he knew anything about alleged pay-to-play schemes, "the big guy" was told about one plan to squeeze campaign contributions from a firm seeking state business, according to bombshell testimony Wednesday at Tony Rezko's corruption trial.

"Mr. Rezko indicated to me that he had made the governor aware of the situation" involving threats from a Chicago businessman-turned-Hollywood producer to expose a shakedown for campaign cash in 2004, star prosecution witness Stuart Levine told jurors. "And the governor agreed with the way Mr. Rezko wanted to handle it." . . . .

Here is my question: how could have Obama been so deeply involved in Chicago politics without any notion of this level of corruption. Possibly it is the same lack of knowledge that Obama had regarding Rev. Wright. Obama once major memory loss was bad enough, but another huge one might prove more troublesome.

Ed Morrissey has a similar take here and NRO here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

People think that McCain's age could be an issue, while his two most likely opponents either have constant difficulty remembering what planet they live on, or remember vividly the trips they've taken to other planets and the dangers they faced there.

4/04/2008 1:50 AM  

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