Iowa Passes Concealed Carry Bill Out of House Committee

I have been informed that apparently today:

Iowa House Bill HF2092 passed out of the Public Safety Committee yesterday. This is great news and is the furthest we've ever come to becoming shall issue in the state of Iowa.

Thanks to Jason Vetter for this.



Anonymous Brent said...

This is great to hear! I grew up and lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa until I moved to Oregon in 2002. I might be moving back in the coming months so I've been trying to keep up with what's been going on back home. I really hope they can get this passed. IowaCarry.org has been working hard on this.

The current system there is an absolute mess and there's no consistency from county to county. There's 99 counties, 99 sheriff's and 99 different sets of rules. Some sheriff's will issue, some might and some won't no matter what. So you end up with people living in one county being able to carry across the entire state but people in other counties not being able to carry at all.

Crime in Cedar Rapids, which is in Linn county, has been rising like crazy the past couple years and the current sheriff, Don Zeller, won't issue for self defense. He'll only issue for "carries large amounts of money" which means that in order to carry you must be carrying at least $500 cash on you. I actually feel safer in nearly all areas of the Portland metro area than I did back home in Cedar Rapids. I don't want to move back to a city with an increasing crime problem and not be able to get a concealed carry permit since I'm so used to having one here.

3/06/2008 2:24 AM  

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