Bob Barr running for President as a Libertarian?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution breaks this story:

On an Internet site called Anti-War Radio, former Georgia congressman Bob Barr confirmed on Wednesday that he’s “very seriously” looking at joining the race for the White House as a Libertarian — and had harsh words for both the Iraq war and for the Bush Administration’s defense of “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Many thanks to blogger Jason Pye for passing on word of the interview.

On a presidential run, Barr said:

“There’s been a tremendous expressed to me both directly and indirectly on the Internet. I take that support very seriously, and I think it also reflects a great deal of dissatisfaction with the current candidates and the current two-party system. So it is something, to be honest with you, that I’m looking very seriously at.”

Barr said a Libertarian candidacy would essentially be an extension of the Ron Paul campaign. . . .

Barr on the ballot could hurt McCain. I like Bob a lot and know him personally. Bob can't win, though it would be nice if he could educate people. If Bob could win, I would vote for him in a second. Bob is a better candidate than Ron Paul. I just don't think that I could vote for him though if it would help Obama win.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little as I like McCain, Barr on the ballot would hurt the only semblance of a Republican we have, while helping only the Democrats, whose candidate we know will either be a white female harridan socialist or black male messianic crypto-anti-american post-racial racist and all around socialist good-guy.

We're stuck with McCain, and the libertarian voting of conscience will actively harm what's left of the country, as in, will accelerate the circling of the drain drastically.

Doug in Colorado

3/28/2008 6:54 PM  
Blogger Kay Dennison said...

I vote my conscience -- this is not a horse race. I cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary, Obama or John McCain. I really like Ron Paul. I think his platform is excellent. However, since he won't be nominated, I shall be seriously considering Bob Barr.

This is my first visit here and I really find it interesting. I shall be back because I like logical thinkers like you.

5/04/2008 1:17 PM  

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