Arizona Board of Regents wants to Keep Universities as Gun Fee Zones

AZCentral has this update on what is happening in Arizona:

TUCSON - The Arizona Board of Regents has approved a resolution reaffirming its position that the state's university campuses should be weapons free.

The resolution, passed unanimously Friday at the regents' meeting in Tempe, was a response to a bill advancing in the state Legislature that would allow any person with a concealed-carry permit to possess a concealed firearm on university and community college campuses.

Weapons are currently banned by law on campuses.

The bill was approved by the state Senate Judiciary Committee after it was amended to exclude K-12 schools.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the beef the Regents have against permit-holders with guns on campus? Permit-holders deter crime; not cause it.

I live in Phoenix and recently read a pro/con argument in the Arizona Republic. A Democrat on in the State Senate actually recommended turning schools into secure buildings patterned after court buildings rather than allow people to defend themselves. Can you imagine your high school with 25 foot barbed-wire walls, metal detectors, armed guards, ID badges, bulletproof glass, etc. Now imagine the expense of doing that to every school! Steve B

3/10/2008 10:38 AM  

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