Some of the evidence on the hydroxychloroquine and the Coronavirus

Possibly people haven't heard about all the studies showing the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine is because Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are actively taking down statements by doctors about its benefits. They are even censoring academic studies that show the benefits. You will need to use a search tool other than Google to get most studies on the benefits.

Other studies

It is amazing that Twitter, FB and other social media outlets have closed accounts if people link to statements by doctors about hydroxychloroquine

It is very hard to find studies that find benefits from hydroxychloroquine because Google censors those searches. Of course, you probably know that Google sensors conservatives generally.

The big Lancet study that everyone in the media was citing about the harm from hydroxychloroquine was obviously bad as anyone with a statistics background could tell because of a self-selection problem, but it was retracted because they had doctored data.

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