Dead Voters Still being Registered & Voting in Chicago years after their death

From CBS 2 in Chicago.
Susie Sallee was buried in 1998. Yet records show she voted in Chicago 12 years later.
Victor Crosswell died in 1994, but records show he’s voted six times since then. 
And then there’s Floyd Stevens. Records show he’s voted 11 times since his death in 1993. 
“It’s crazy,” Sharon Stevens Anderson, Stevens’ daughter, tells CBS 2’s Pam Zekman. “I don’t see how people can be able to do something like that and get away with it.” 
Those are just a few of the cases CBS 2 Investigators found by merging Chicago Board of Election voter histories with the death master file from the Social Security Administration. 
In all, the analysis showed 119 dead people have voted a total of 229 times in Chicago in the last decade. . . . 
Take Tadeusz Ciesla. Records show he voted in 2010. 
But his nephew Marek Ciesla says that’s impossible because he died in 1998. . . .
Of course, this is nothing like the 100,000 fraudulent votes cast in 1982.
the U.S. Attorney in Chicago at the time, Daniel Webb, estimated that at least 100,000 fraudulent votes (10 percent of all votes in the city) had been cast. 
Another example: 1,046 illegal aliens were discovered to be registered to vote in eight Virginia counties, but this number only included those who turned themselves  for being improperly registered.

Another example: In 56 counties, Indiana state police "believe there could be hundreds of fraudulent voter registration records with different combinations of made up names and addresses with people’s real information."

Another example: In 2012, 731 Pennsylvania voters may have voted twice.

More examples of vote fraud are herehere, and here



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