Miss Texas explains why government shouldn't regulate CEO pay

Here is a woman who understands first hand the returns to hard work.  And she makes that argument. One could also point out the importance of companies getting the best people working for them as well as the benefits to consumers from getting the best products.

What was very striking about this clip was overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.



Blogger Jerry The Geek said...

I think that Americans are being more aware that Leaders of Industry are those people who are creating jobs, who are developing new products, who are expanding both industry and the marketplace.

People like me are small potatoes, by comparison: we provide the labor, and are glad to have useful jobs/careers/room for advancement. We want to work, and we want to contribute, and we want to support our families.

But we frankly don't have the background to CREATE jobs. We don't have the nerve to take the big risks, because we are living from paycheck to paycheck and don't often have the luxury of standing back and asking: "What's the NEXT step, and how can I make it happen?"

That this young woman has the perspective on the economy which she has here displayed is amazing. I'm disappointed that (as little respect as I have for Beauty Pageants) her response didn't receive the recognition which she deserved. If only because she has such a keep understanding about how the economy grows from a very few seeds.

7/19/2015 1:37 AM  

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