Jake Tapper: When Bill Clinton complained about guns in Baltimore, ask him why the law-abiding poor can't carry

Bill Clinton on CNN's State of the Union:
. . . The Baltimore thing came on the heels of what happened in Ferguson, what happened in New York City and all these other places. And their is a big national movement about whether the lives of young African-American men count. 
You can’t have people walking around with guns. I used to tell people when we did Bosnia, Kosovo anything like that, you get enough people with weapons around and there will be unintended consequences. People make mistakes People do wrong. Things happen. To hold a community together you got to have a high level of community trust. . . .
Note that in Baltimore, it costs over $300 to license and register a handgun to own in the home.  It is virtually impossible to get a concealed handgun permit (just 0.3% of adults in Maryland have a permit), and about half of those are retired police officers.  The permits that are issued are definitely not going to people who live in this poor area of Baltimore.  The formal legal costs of getting a permit are not just the license and registration fees to own a handgun, but also the $75 ($70 application and $5 fingerprinting fee) and training costs.  Even then they are just a small part of the cost of getting a concealed handgun permit.  The poor aren't going to hiring lawyers to go through the legal process to get approval to have a permit, and even if they did, it is unlikely that a judge would grant them a permit.

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Blogger teriobrien said...

Thanks so much for pointing this out, John. I asked Jake Tapper how he could interview Bill Clinton and not ask him about the fact that, out of 13 speeches for which he was paid $500,000, 11 of them were while Hillary was Sec. of State. His lame reply was that someone--he thought it was Cynthia McFadden--had already asked him that. Oh fine. Asked and answered. Move on. Nothing to see here. Ridiculous!

We have recently resumed having guests on The Teri O'Brien Show, so I'll be in touch soon so you can class up our show again.

Keep up the great work!

6/20/2015 7:28 AM  

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