If all the Democrats who previously voted for Concealed Carry Reciprocity vote for it again, it would be one vote short in the Senate

In 2013, Senator Cornyn's Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill received 57 votes, three short of the 60 it needed for passage.  Thirteen Democrats voted for it, though seven of them have been defeated.  With 53 Republican votes (assuming that all the new Republicans vote "yes" and Mark Kirk from Illinois continues to vote "no"), that would give 59 votes for the bill.  Can the bill pick up Kirk or one more Democrat? The only new Democrat is Gary Peters for Michigan, but he seems to be a very unlikely vote.

The votes in 2013 are shown below.



Blogger Chas S. Clifton said...

As you pointed out, that is the 2013 Senate, e.g., Mark Udall, D-Colo., is gone, replaced by Cory Gardner, R. And other changes.

2/15/2015 3:50 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Right, I took those changes into account when I noted that they now had 59 votes.

2/16/2015 8:56 PM  
Blogger Mike_P said...

What about Manchin?

3/09/2015 9:58 PM  

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