Newest piece at Fox News: “Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun propaganda”

My newest piece at Fox News starts this way:
When former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups release a report, they consistently garner massive, uncritical news coverage.  Alas. With the huge number of factual mistakes in these reports, you would think that reporters would have grown wary of pushing their propaganda. 
For example, Bloomberg’s Everytown, Mothers Demand Action, and Mayors Against Illegal guns have been caught padding the number of school shootings.  While Everytown claimed 74 school shootings occurred between the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in December 2012 and June 2014, Politifact, which rated Everytown’s claim as “mostly false,” put the number of “incidents such as Sandy Hook or Columbine in which the shooter intended to commit mass murder” at 10. 
Every single report released by Bloomberg’s groups has contained major errors.  A new report by the Crime Prevention Research Center has corrected Everytown’s July study on “mass shootings”: again, it is no different – lots of errors, but worldwide publicity touting the erroneous claims. . . .
The piece continues here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice piece.

Do you ever try to get this type of article published in the Times or Washington Post?

I could only imagine the reaction.

10/07/2014 2:16 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Thanks Valentsgrif. Sometimes I do, but the problem is that those newspapers require sole submission (you can't simultaneously submit to other papers) and while you wait for them to make a decision the piece can become stale, making it harder to place elsewhere.

10/08/2014 2:23 AM  

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