Despite Obama's efforts to hide the coming health insurance spike until after the election, word is starting to leak out

President Obama has pushed back the dates for health insurance renewal until after the election, but still some information is going to come out before the election.  Will people be as clear of the implications as they would be if they actually saw the bills before the election?  Undoubtedly "no."  But still some information is starting to get out.  From The Hill newspaper:
Alaskans buying health insurance through their state exchange can expect a price spike of more than 30 percent on average, news that could hurt Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), who voted for ObamaCare, 
Alaska Public Media reports that the two health insurance companies supplying plans on the state exchange will dramatically increase their plans' average costs next year. 
Republicans have long predicted that a spike in insurance costs driven by ObamaCare's state exchanges would occur this fall, and while that prediction has failed to materialize in many states, in Alaska, it looks like they were prescient — and that it might hurt Begich's campaign. . . .



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