Actor Dean Cain speaks out on how a personal experience shaped his views on guns

From Fox News:
The actor is particularly vocal about gun rights. He said a frightening experience at his home in Los Angeles helped shape his opinion on the topic. 
“I was terrified. I’m a big, strong guy and my knees were buckling like ‘Oh my gosh,’” Cain said of a night when he awoke to a stranger pounding on his door. “I’m armed to-the-teeth now. At 4 o’clock in the morning come bang at my door, my knees won’t buckle.” . . .
This provides a contrast with recent news that Liam Neeson opposing guns.  On the other hand, you have people such as Jerry Lewis and Robert De Niro who are gun owners.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Bill Maher who admits to owning guns, but wants the Second Amendment repealed!


10/09/2014 1:24 PM  

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