What is it with Bloomberg trying to take over national holidays? First Thanksgiving, now Mother's Day

Last year Michael Bloomberg pushed to have people raise gun control issues on Thanksgiving.  Now we have Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action trying to take over Mother's Day.  What is the deal with Bloomberg trying to hijack national holidays?  Unlike what they did regarding Thanksgiving, at least they are not yet demanding that Mother's Day dinner conversations have to be about political issues.  From a Moms Demand Action press release:
In advance of Mother's Day on May 11, 2014, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America today announced a 'Week of Action' to demonstrate the power of moms fighting to pass common-sense reforms that will prevent gun violence and save lives. The week includes the 2nd annual 'Moms Take the Hill' and more than 150 house parties taking place across the country. Throughout the week's activities Moms will also recruit Americans to join the Gun Sense Voter campaign that will – for the first time – mobilize at least one million voters to go to the polls in November and vote for candidates with gun sense – the simple idea that we can do much more to keep our families and communities safe from gun violence. . . .
Yet another of their press releases from this week is available here.

Of course, Bloomberg's groups are not alone.  Last year Michelle Obama also advised people to "be persistent" and "start the conversation early" about bringing up political talking points during Thanksgiving conversations. 



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