How much do people like the state that they live in? How about how likely they are to want to move out of the state?

New Gallup survey available here.  Click on table to make it larger.

People vote with their feet whether they want to stay in a state.  Only 2 percent of Texans are extremely likely or very likely to want to leave the state.  For other large population states, the same percentage is only 3 percent of Pennsylvanians want to leave their state.

Does this bode well for someone such as Tom Cobertt who is running for re-election as governor in Pennsylvania?  This would also imply that Illinois governor Pat Quinn is in trouble.



Blogger MaverickNH said...

The missing statistics are (only somewhat tongue in cheek):

1) Which state's residents are most unwanted by which others state's residents

2) which state's residents feel most unwanted by which other state's residents

As a NH resident, we roll our eyes at MA'ers who move up and want to cut down the pesky trees, "deal" with the pesky wildlife and feel traffic laws are for the other guy. And who want all those services they had in MA with the low taxes in NH.

5/02/2014 8:11 AM  

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