Federal Election Commission warns that it wants to regulate media discussion of candidates as campaign contributions

Note that the current chairman of the FEC is a Republican and that he is upset by the pressure from others in the FEC for the government to regulated the content of media coverage because of concerns that it benefits different political candidates.  From Fox News:
The chairman of the Federal Election Commission warned Wednesday that officials at the agency want to start regulating the media, despite a longstanding congressional ban on doing so.  
"The impulse to regulate the media within the FEC is alive and well," Chairman Lee E. Goodman told FoxNews.com in an interview.  
Goodman pointed to several recent decisions and developments that stoke concerns about the commission -- which is supposed to regulate money in federal elections -- sticking its nose in the affairs of the press. . . . 
But Goodman voiced concern that it was seriously considered at all, saying the commission was in the position of trying to "second guess the editorial decisions" of the network.  
The consideration, he said, "clearly indicates that there are people in the FEC who believe we have the power to regulate the media."  
Goodman also pointed to recent cases where the FEC was deadlocked, 3-3, on cases he argues should have been unanimously struck down. This includes a 2010 complaint about "The Sean Hannity Show" over an endorsement that went out on the radio show's distribution list. . . . 



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