More Media Matters mistakes on gun-free zones

On April 16, 2014, Media Matters has a new post entitled: "Fox's Bolling Inadvertently Advocates For Gun-Free Zones."

1) "Bolling has been a vocal critic of gun-free zones, frequently promoting the right-wing misnomer that mass shooters target places like schools where guns are banned. According to Bolling's logic, gun-free zones are 'easy targets for whackos,' so 'it's time to take those gun-free zones signs down.' He's argued that mass shootings 'would happen with far less frequency' if no such gun bans existed."
Media Matters' link go back to previous posts that they have put up on the topic.  I have put up some notes on their incorrect statements available here

The point of this discussion was that Michael Bloomberg has 24 hour/7 day a week armed body guards.  He understands the benefits from guns for protection, but he opposes others being able to have the same protection.  That he supports a gun-free zone for everyone but himself.  

Of course, Media Matters doesn't directly deal with this point.

Instead, Media Matters points out that gun shows ask patrons not to have guns loaded.  They also make it sound as if there are attacks involving multiple victim public shootings that occur at gun shows.  
2) When shootings do occasionally occur at gun shows, it's been because people don't follow these rules and bring in loaded weapons. As CNN reported in the case of an accidental shooting at a gun show last year, "The original owner of the Taurus semi-automatic 9 mm handgun used in the shooting brought the firearm into the show fully loaded. This is despite the policy of searches to make sure all guns are not loaded and rendered safe before others can handle them."
Gun shows are hardly gun-free zones.  Even in shows where guns are unloaded, both guns and ammunition are easily accessible.  If an attack were to occur, in seconds the guns could be loaded.  There are so many guns that could quickly be loaded at a gun show, it would make only a small difference in being able to respond quickly to an attack.  With lots of people handling guns at a show, the sponsors want to make sure that there are no accidental discharges.  With no real chance of a successful mass shooting or a robbery, it seems reasonable to limit risks of accidental shootings.  The one case that Media Matters points to is an accidental shooting. 
3) "Studies show that most mass shootings in recent years have occurred in places where guns were allowed, and experts say that gun-free zones do not encourage mass shootings. It seems Bolling has finally agreed, albeit inadvertently."
In order, the responses to the links that Media Matters makes are "studies show" available here.  The discussion in the link to "occurred" attacks research that Ann Coulter cites by myself and William Landes, but the problem is that their attack has nothing to do with the research.  In the final link ("experts say"), Media Matters relies on a report by Mother Jones.  The problems with that article are available here.

It was nice of Greg Gutfeld to mention me in his discussion.



Blogger MaverickNH said...

I might note as well that many gun shows employ uniformed police at the entry point and private armed guards at other entrances and exits. As John says, they usually have a policy of no loaded guns for safety, to prevent negligent discharges when handling guns for sale, but they seldom check for concealed carry handguns by any search. Many CCW holders may be armed at any gun show. While "guilty" of violating gun show policy, in most states they would only be asked to leave if discovered, without any criminal violation, unless they refused to leave.

4/21/2014 4:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

The writers at Media Matters are just irritating morons. Seriously, does anyone with half a brain take them at their word?
I've NEVER seen even one article of theirs that wasn't complete BS.
Whose paying for this left wing lie machine? Soros, Bloomberg, the Democratic party? I wonder.

Molon Labe!

4/21/2014 10:17 AM  

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