Idaho moving towards letting people carry permitted concealed handguns on college campuses

The support in the Idaho House is strong.  It is the state Senate that has been the problem.  With passage in the Senate committee, the bill has taken a big leap forward.
Gun owners are a step closer to being able to pack concealed weapons on Idaho college campuses, a move Second Amendment advocates say will boost personal safety and allow people to exercise their constitutional rights. 
The Senate State Affairs Committee voted 7-2 in to move it forward Wednesday, over objections from leaders of Idaho's colleges and universities. It now goes to a full Senate vote. 
The party-line vote with Republicans in favor advances a measure that allows retired law enforcement and enhanced concealed-carry permit holders to bring firearms to class. Guns would still be banned from dorms and other campus housing, as well as concert halls and stadiums. 
States that currently allow campus-carry are Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Wisconsin and Utah. Most, including Idaho, leave it up to schools to decide. . . .
The argument against letting people defend themselves is all too typical.
Sen. Elliot Werk, one of two Democrats against the bill, questioned whether having armed students in class could exacerbate conflicts. 
"If you have instructors teaching controversial subjects, we have students who might take issue with other students during controversial discussions,'' he said. "I really feel strongly that the endgame is to make our campuses completely weaponized.'' . . . 
Six states mandate that students can carry on school property and other states allow it, but is there even one example that these opponents can point to?  No. 



Blogger Chas said...

"Completely weaponized"? Socialists can't think in terms of individual freedom because they're so utterly unaccustomed to thinking that way. It's completely foreign to them. They think that either no one is allowed to have a gun, or everyone will have a gun. The fact that only a small percentage of people who can carry a gun actually do so is incomprehensible to their itsy-bitsy, teeny-tiny, little socialist minds. They do not allow as anything outside their socialist agenda makes any sense at all. It's amazing to see how grown adults can be so completely baffled and befuddled by a simple fact.

2/16/2014 7:46 PM  

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