Newest Op-ed at National Review Online: New York’s Fact-Free Gun Ruling

My newest piece at National Review Online starts this way:
New York’s new gun-control law, the so-called SAFE Act, largely survived its first federal-court challenge on this past Tuesday. The more than 1,140 New Yorkers it’s made felons will remain so. But even the testimony of the state’s own expert witness failed to show that the law will cut crime. 
The judge in this case is William M. Skretny, chief federal judge for the Western District of New York. His decision upheld the state’s gun-registration requirements and ban on assault weapons, but he rejected the seven-round limit for magazines, deeming it arbitrary. 
The decision relied heavily on testimony by George Mason University criminology professor Chris Koper, who argued “that the criminal use of assault weapons declined after the federal assault-weapons ban was enacted in 1994, independently of trends in gun crime.” Judge Skretny wrote in his opinion: “Because New York’s regulations are tighter than those in the federal ban, [Koper] believes, quite reasonably, that the affect [sic] will be greater.” . . .



Blogger Gene said...

There is no federal assault gun ban. When there was, the current "assault" weapons would not have been covered. The only federal aspect to consider is the Second Amendment.
NYS' Safe Act bans the undefined assault weapon. The governor, in his executive function, is deciding what an assault weapon is. This fascism, not law, and us exactly what the Second Amendment defined, though the right to bear arms is a right and not granted by the Amendment.
Of note, as no one pays attention, there was no assault rifle at the Sandy Hook event, whatever it actually was. A rifle was photographed in the trunk of the car out front.
NYS, a vanguard for the federal government, is working to remove the citizens right to carry arms for the very reason the right exists - to thwart tyranny.

1/04/2014 11:57 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

Why do governments always locate the mass graves next to their re-education camps? Convenience.

1/05/2014 4:10 PM  

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