Fox News Poll: By a 55 to 38 percent margin Americans think that Obama "tried to deceive" them about Obamacare

The recent Quinnipiac Poll showed that Americans believe Obama isn't honest by a 52 to 44 percent margin, but surprisingly they don't think that Obama knowingly deceived them on keeping their insurance plans.  A new Fox News poll has some different results: a 59-percent majority believes the administration knew ahead of time that people would be kicked off their insurance because of the law, and 55 percent think the White House has “tried to deceive” people about it.  Some 38 percent say the administration has “been honest.”  According to the poll Obama's approval rating has gone down to 40 percent.

Independents believe that Obama has tried to deceive Americans about the Obamacare by a 51 to 34 percent margin.  One bizarre note is that those with a college degree don't feel that Obama has been deceptive as much as those without a degree.  Younger people and higher income people also thought that Obama was "knowingly lied" to people.  Click to make larger.

Few people approve of the job that Obama is doing on the issues.

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