Michael Bloomberg wants people to talk about gun control at Thanksgiving dinner and tell their family incorrect claims

UPDATE: I have rewritten this post a little after my first post.

How many errors can Mayor Bloomberg introduce into Thanksgiving dinner conversations?  Apparently a lot.  
UPDATE: Media Matters has attempted to defend Bloomberg's claims, though they have done so in two ways.
1) Saying that "the National Rifle Association has not provided data to contradict the [40%] figure," but I do provide an extensive discussion on that below. 2) A personal attack by referencing their old post "Who Is Gun Advocate John Lott?" without acknowledging that I have posted a response to it available here.
-- That 40% of guns are transferred without a background check?  That they have stopped "2 million" prohibited people from getting guns?  See the errors with the claims here.  The main point about the 40% claim is that the original 36% number was based on all transfers, but the survey only showed that 14% of sales were done without background checks and that there were significant biases even there.
-- Reasonable limits? Well, Bloomberg thought that DC's handgun ban was a reasonable regulation.  If you want to see what Bloomberg believes are sensible gun restrictions in New York City, watch this report from last week by John Stossel.
What about the relationship between gun ownership and murders?  See a response here.
-- As to the claim that they just want to stop felons from getting guns, that is obviously not true.  Just look again at Stossel's piece.  $430 fee?  Making sure that you know the difference between all sorts of bizarre and rare knives?  Making sure that you have a good reason for owning a gun?
-- Finally, there is the amusing attack on the Washington Post "because it relied on the statistical analysis of gun researcher John Lott . . . ."

That it is necessary for Media Matters to attack the Washington Post for talking to me instead of just focusing on the facts might be related to how weak their factual claims are.



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